I'm on the way home from the airport after a food-free flight, and all I can think about is how I'm dying for a snack.  Now, the beauty of the little nosh after we've been without, is we generally can use the experience as an excuse to eat something decadent or not necessarily healthful, and love it the whole while.


It's a little like the way we hard-core, gotta'-have-it-regularly romance addicts feel when we need some HEA and don't have the time to get to all the good parts of the book we're currently reading.

What's a girl to do?  How about check out some tasty Spice Briefs.  They're sweet, naughty treats, just a few flirty pages of fun to fuel your desire for  a quick, sexy love-story pick-me-up... or hook-me-up, like the lovely little honey of a treat that ensues in Portia DaCosta's "No Longer Forbidden   ," in which high-school ten-year reunion leads a young woman back to the veddy serious young teacher she'd crushed on senior year.  Takes about 30 seconds to get you some Spice Briefs love treats on your B&N e-gear, less time than it generally takes me to bust open a pack of Pop Tarts.

I'm just sayin', is all.


Another way to score a romance quickie is to follow the practice of a girlfriend of mine who always keeps an anthology in her glove box so she has something to read when the hunger is upon 'er.  That way, she says she 'can sink her teeth into a little love story, tie on a happy grin, and feel smug, for instance, 'cause none of the other soccer moms know why she's feeling fortified, rearing to go and, frankly, ready to play by the time the game's over and she's on her way home to see her man for dinner.


How' bout you?  How do you you fix yourself a little romance snack?  Where do you read romance and get a kick out of it 'cause nobody knows you're having a way better time than they are?  What little bite of romance did you last snack on?  What food snack do you love to nosh while reading?

by Moderator becke_davis on ‎09-18-2009 05:52 PM

Oh, I'm reading a high school reunion romance, too - Tawny Weber's FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME. I'll have to check out Portia's book, too.

by 1lovealways on ‎09-18-2009 11:13 PM

Hi Michelle!  :smileyhappy:  My little romance snack was to read every morning before going to work.  When I'd get up,  I'd grab my book, sit in my bed and read for about fifteen minutes.  It would also wake me up and  get me going!   This was great, but I soon found out that I couldn't stop reading! One thing in the story would lead to another and I'd keep on reading!  Needless to say, this cost me time in getting ready and I had to rush! 


So, I had to come up with something else.  I find that early in the morning is still great.  On weekends when I have errands, I wake up a little earlier when the world isn't stirring yet and I read.  I snuggle down into the covers and luxuriate in the written word!  It is a little guilty pleasure that I love!   Right now I'm reading Book #5 in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.  I know everyone has read them, but I'm just now reading them.  These books are addictive and so are the sexy vampires.  My favorite food nosh is Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and a glass of milk!  I don't eat them in the morning, but I would if I didn't stop myself (They're as addictive as the brothers)!  Late at night works just as well for me to read.  I put on my earbuds, my favorite romantic music and I'm totally into my book!!!

by Author MonicaBurns on ‎09-19-2009 06:50 AM

Well, I keep a book in three or four places in the house,so I can pick them up while I'm waiting for whatever. I also have one in the DH's car that I can delve into if we're on a trip that lasts more than an hour. It can take me up to a year to finish each book, but I do get through them. AND, if the book is really good, I generally put it off hiatus from one of those rooms, and finish it in my office over one to two days. Since reading is a luxury for me these days, I have to be really choosy about what books I invest a lot of time in over a short time span.


May last indulgence was Shannon K. Butcher's book in her new Sentinel series, Burning Alive. It was terrific!

by 1AnneB on ‎09-19-2009 07:12 AM

Hi Michelle - AnneB  here - My favorite time of the day to read ? - Anytime ! My favorite place to read ? Anywhere ! As it happens, I have trouble resisting buying new pocketbooks, but the two requirement that I have is that it is big enough to hold my wallet and a paperback book. I never leave home without one !!!!   I'm really not a snacker, so I really don't have a favorite snack, although I will say that if I'm eating by myself, I always am reading. ....  Is there such a thing as too much reading ????



by Author PortiaDaCosta on ‎09-19-2009 09:03 AM

I'm so glad you enjoyed NO LONGER FORBIDDEN, Michelle. Of the three stories in the Risque Reunions series, I think this might just be my favourite. I love reading Spice Briefs as well as writing them, for the same reason as you. They're quick reads and I put them on my PDA so I can take them with me and read on journeys and in odd moments. I've loved Briefs written by Saskia Walker, Megan Hart, Lillian Feisty and a bunch of others. Sometimes when I'm in the car, waiting for himself to get stuff from the local DIY supplies store, I dip into a story or a bit of a novel then instead of tapping my fingers and getting impatient. Mostly romance, although I do have some Sherlock Holmes stories and Agatha Christie Poirot stories on my PDA too.


At home, I read in 'bite sized chunks'. In the morning with my first cup of tea, at elevenses, with lunch, afternoon break, and sometimes last thing at night. Have been reading great romance by Betina Krahn, Jennifer Haymore and Sherry Thomas lately, and have Meredith Duran, Tessa Dare and lots of Emma Holly on my immediate TBR pile. Am not reading romance right now, as this morning I took delivery of THE LAST SYMBOL, and that's sort of leapfrogged everything!


When I eat along with my a.m and p.m. break time reading, I'd like to say I always eat healthy fruit snacks... but to be honest, it's mostly cookies or cake or chocolate. LOL

by Blogger Michelle_Buonfiglio on ‎09-19-2009 10:29 AM

What?! Does no one any longer appreciate the value of some cheez puffs and a good read?  Sure, an' the little orange marks are better'n dog earring the good parts!  

I just love reunion stories, becke, that young teacher who crushed on the student then, voila, no longer forbidden. d'oh!  I think the first romance one I'd read was Sandra Brown's, but, of course, I can't remember the title as, I'm awful w/remembering them.  But when I read it it was out in reissue, which means it was already a bit older.  Then, of course,there's Susan Elizabeth Phillips' classic, "Ain't She Sweet?"  I really like Tawny Weber, both as a writer and person; she's just very nice.


Gosh, 1lovealways, I love your story!  I tried that for awhile, but started letting the kids sleep too late!  But it is such a luxury, just grabbing that book off the nightstand and reading in the a.m.  You lucky girl, getting to read the Black Dagger Brohood anew!  You have to keep us informed of where you are and how you're liking what you're reading.  I'm a Z fan to this day.  Oh, and Matthew, of course. I felt very creepy crushing on him before he'd even changed.  But my friend kept reminding me he already was in his 20s, even though he seemed adolescent. phew.  Then there's Blaylock...  And you're getting to enjoy all of that with oatmeal raisin cookies?  Again: you lucky girl.

by Blogger Michelle_Buonfiglio on ‎09-19-2009 10:37 AM

Interesting, Mon. I often wonder about that, and it makes sense that you have to dole out your reading time and guard jealously which books you choose to read.  I know plenty of writers who don't read because they don't have time, but moreover, because they don't want to be influenced.  That can get tricky, for sure.


Anne B! A woman after mine own heart!  Isn't it fab that big pocketbooks are in style!  And isn't it funny we can fit big 'trade sized' paperbacks in now?  You're right, there's no such thing as too much reading.  Tho there is that overload point sometimes.  Hey, that'd be a good blog post...


Portia, what is this "Last Symbol" of which you speak? d'oh!  Believe me, I know. My husband is totally all about TLS now; the other day we were flying somewhere and I was excitedly talking about the place we were going and he was, like, "Um, that's great, but, I'd really rather read TLS."  Oh. OK, then. 

It's hard not to snack and read, and cookies/chocolate sound like excellent choices, Portia. I mention Pop Tarts cause I seem to be on a 'Tarts and reading kick.  And like Anne B says, If I'm eating alone, I'm usually reading, too.  But I'm always telling my son he can't read while he eats.  I'm a do-as-I-say-not-=as=I-do mom.  very bad.

by Blogger Michelle_Buonfiglio on ‎09-19-2009 10:38 AM

Oh, and Portia, I love these brainy heroes of yours! I wanted this one to keep on his old-fashioned teachers' robes. But then I wanted him to take them off...

by Author PortiaDaCosta on ‎09-19-2009 01:20 PM

Apologies to Dan Brown. I just can't stop calling his book The Last Symbol instead of the The *Lost* Symbol. LOL


I have been munching on some very naughty and fattening treats this week whilst reading. Traditional British confectionery items, like vanilla slices and egg custard tarts. Not entirely my fault, as a friend on Twitter mentioned these two particular delicious goodies, and I couldn't rest until I'd found and consumed some of them myself.

by amyskf on ‎09-20-2009 12:05 AM

Great. Now all I can think of are snacks and books. Salty snacks and spicy books. I always have books all over the place and usually have one in my purse, I read at footbal practice and before football games, but never during, because my youngest constantly wants to know if I saw his tackle that he made...and I tend to get all caught-up in it anyway.


I like the saltier snacks with reading, because you can eat more of them -- you're limited with cookies, there's only so many cookies a person can eat...usually. If I had a PDA I would download Spice Briefs to it, but I don't, so if I have a limited time I either grab an anthology and dig in, knowing I can get to the end soon, or pick a fave book off the shelf and turn to the good parts.


1lovealways, how fun to be reading the BDB for the first time. I haven't read the latest one yet -- Lover Avenged -- but, I have it. And Anne, there is no such thing as too much reading, plus, I just switched to my bigger bag and feel so much happier.

by 1lovealways on ‎09-20-2009 12:37 AM

Hi All! :smileyhappy: I love coming to this board, because I always discover authors I've never read!  You guys just keep the good books coming and I'll try to keep up!  I'm actually a slow reader, but I've plowed through The Black Dagger Brotherhood books like a thirsty person in a desert!  I've read five books in less than two weeks and I'm starting book #6 today!  Is this normal or is this just this particular series?!  Since writing the post earlier, I've finished book #5 which is Vishous' story.  Oh gawd!  I thought I was in love with Rhage!  Only infatuated!  V is the man!!!  Definitely!  Ooooo he's dark and dangerous and a bad, bad boy!  I love those Bad Boys, because the badder they are and the more they posture, the more fun it is to watch the heroine cut them down to size with her love!  Ummmm!  Love 'em!  I'm going to have to get book #7 before I finish #6 because I'm going to suffer horrible withdrawal symptons if I don't!!!   I'll let you guys know what I think of Phury's story.  :smileyhappy:


Gee, Michelle I love cheez puffs, especially the soft ones!  I have lots of books with those little orange marks on the pages.  Those things are delish!  Love Pop Tarts too!  I'm just a sweetaholic period!  Hey what are Spice Briefs?  Clue me in.


And Portia, chocolate and vanilla slices?  Oh, dear Heaven those two together can't miss!  I'll have to check your book out.  Love that title by the way!


Anne B I love big purses!  I know I may be dating myself, but I used to carry them when they were fashionable, but then they went out of style.  Now their back.  You can put everything in there, but the kitchen sink, which is exactly what I used to do!  My lunch break was my reading time.  I used to get kidded about reading so much that I stopped doing it.  I'd stuff Trade Paperbacks in there and they fit!   In fact, "Shanna" was the first Trade Paperback I ever read.


Monica I love the idea of a book in every room!  What an imaginative idea!  I know me and I'd never get anything done!

I've read several books at one time before and had one take over and I finished it.  That's fun!!!

by 1lovealways on ‎09-20-2009 12:56 AM

Hi Amyskf!  I love the salty snacks too!  I'm just terrible!  I love junk food, but I also love fruits and veggies.  I'm all over the place!  :smileyhappy:  It is fun reading the BDB for the first time!  I am so into these books!  I bought the first six books based on reviews I had read, but I didn't expect them to be sooooooooo good!!!  I must say they are worth every penny I paid for them and then some!  I'm definitely adding them to my keeper shelf!  Hey, glad you got you a bigger bag!  That's the only way to go.  I used to carry mine even when they went out of style! :smileyhappy:



by amyskf on ‎09-21-2009 09:30 AM

Hey 1lovealways, I'm all over the board too, I'm really healthy and naughty (with snacks) but I really don't think of myself as being naughty, just eclectic. I'm pretty sure you can be eclectic in all aspects of your life...reading preferences, snacks, men you're attracted to...decorating style. Eclectic.

by Anida_Adler on ‎09-22-2009 06:12 AM

"ready to play by the time the game's over and she's on her way home to see her man for dinner."


And when she's had him for dinner, they really will need a snack. (c;


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