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What scares you? Me? Heights; can’t abide by them. They send me over the edge with a cold sweat running down my back and the feeling that complete insanity may take over at any moment. Now imagine if a psychopath could force you to live your greatest fear over and over again.  The very thought is terrifying enough to send me screaming into the night. But instead of screaming I was turning the pages faster then I could read them to find out who was turning the town of Jasper Mississippi into a place where what scares them the most may be the very death of them. Cynthia Eden’s new book, Deadly Fear, kept me up way past my bedtime to find the answers.

‘What scares you’ becomes the question Special Agent Monica Davenport needs to answer in order to hunt down a serial killer on the loose. Monica is a profiler and part of a singular FBI team, SSD, Serial Services Division, that is dedicated to hunting down serial killers. Each member of the team has an area of expertise and Monica is the expert at getting inside the minds of serial killers. When she’s paired with new team member Luke Dante to find out who is behind a string of seemingly unrelated murders she never expected that she would have to face what scares her the most. Her past.

Luke’s expertise is the victims. He has an uncanny way of putting them at ease and getting information that might lead to finding the killer. With Monica’s ability to get inside the head of the killer and Luke’s ability to get inside the head of the victims, together they make a perfect pair. However this is not the first time Luke and Monica have crossed paths. They actually trained together at Quantico and for a brief time had a very hot love affair. It’s been six years since they’ve seen each other but the spark hasn’t died. In fact, when Luke sees Monica again he knows in his heart that she’s the one for him. He only has to convince Monica that he’s right. Monica, on the other hand can never let Luke get too close; she can’t let anyone get too close. If she did they might find out the truth about her, and she can never let that happen.  When the killer starts targeting the team members of SSD, Monica’s past may be the clue that leads them to the answers and any hope of stopping the killings.

The evil in Deadly Fear is truly evil—it’s psychologically frightening with a sense of emotional turmoil that keeps the suspense taut, with an edgy and menacing undercurrent. You can see clearly in your mind’s eye the action, and almost hear the beating of your heart and smell the sense of danger. Ms. Eden has written a psychological thriller/mystery/romantic suspense with impeccable timing, suspenseful action, and nonstop intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From the first page to the last, she has the pacing, timing, and action down to the second without a moment wasted. This is my first Cynthia Eden book, but it won’t be my last. I’ve found a new romantic suspense author who is now an auto-buy for me; and Deadly Fear is only the first in this new series. I can’t wait until February when the next book in the series, Deadly Heat, is released. I’ve already put in on my wish list.

So, dear reader, if you’re looking for a riveting suspenseful thriller that will captivate you from the very first page, a mystery that isn’t solved until the end, well-written action, a heroine who has a ‘past’, a hero with a mission, reunited lovers, and an evil that must be stopped, might I suggest Deadly Fear.

Until next Monday, remember there’s a book waiting to be read. As for me I’m going to try a change of pace. After reading a book that had me biting my fingernails to the quick, I’m going to read Louisa Edwards upcoming contemporary (and humorous) romance Just One Taste. I’ll let you know all about it next Monday.

I’m curious: When reading a romantic suspense, do you like to know immediately who the killer is or do you like to be surprised at the end?


Marisa is an avid reader and television producer.

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by princessapr on ‎08-23-2010 01:38 PM

I generally like to be surprised, but some authors can write great villians.  Sometimes, I find it more chilling reading the killer(s)' POV. 


I have yet to read Louisa Edwards, but I do have her books at home.  Maybe after I sludge through my book club book.

by Blogger Marisa-ONeill on ‎08-23-2010 05:44 PM

Hi princessapr, I agree with you - and in Deadly Fear you definitely get a sense of the killer's POV - it really is chilling. The exciting thing was getting both the killer's POV as well as Monica's - the hunter and the hunted.


As for Louisa Edwards' book, Just One Taste - I really enjoyed it. Stop back next Monday and I'll tell you all about it.

by pjpuppymom on ‎08-24-2010 08:33 AM

Hi Marissa!


I've been on a romantic suspense/thriller kick lately which means I've been looking over my shoulder and double-checking door locks a lot. ;-)  I don't immediately flip to the end of the book.  A large part of my enjoyment is trying to unravel the mystery before the answers are all revealed. 

I love a book that surprises me!  I haven't read Cynthia Eden yet but I know I have at least one of her books on my tbr. 


I enjoyed Just One Taste.  It was my first book by Louisa Edwards.  I'm looking forward to picking up the other two books in her series and reading them too. 

by Blogger Marisa-ONeill on ‎08-25-2010 07:22 AM

Hey PJ! I know we share a love of romantic suspense and since you were the one who turned me on to Susan Crandall I feel I must return the favor and tell you to definitely read Cynthia Eden's Dealy Fear; I know you're going to love it.


Isn't it great discovering new authors -discovering Cynthia Eden and Louisa Edwards in one month was a wondeful surprise for me as a reader! I'm so very glad to add them both to my auto-buy list.


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