Just left brunch with Jo Davis, author of the Firefighters of Station 5 (FS5) romances and upcoming optioned-to-Hollywood erotic romantic suspense, " When Alex Was Bad  ."  Apparently I shouldn't have ordered off the menu, cause Jo was serving up almost more dish than even I can handle!I say almost, cause I can't get enough romance scoop -- and do a little (ok, great big, but only in privacy) happy dance when I know I can bring it to you first.  So, let's begin, shall we? 



  First off, looks like one hit series ain't enough for our girl, Jo, cause Feb. 2010 marks release of a hot new series for her, the SHADO Agency trilogy Jo describes as "anything-goes erotic romance."  Boy o boy, is all's I'm sayin, if you know what I mean.  SHADO is the Secret Homeland Security Dept, and they work black ops while gettin' hot n' heavy -- and following through all thre books a bad guy who receives what's comin' to him by trilogy's end.  The books are stand alones, but you'll wanna grab all three starting with, "Eye Spy a Wicked Sin."

But what of those sexy Sugarland firefighters?  Hang on a sec, cause "When Alex Was Bad  " drops first, Aug 4, and the book's in development in Hwood and a screeenwriter's been hired.  "Alex" is a story close enough to real life to be many a married man's or woman's fantasy: What if your spouse allowed you 7 nights of decadent pleasure? Cool, yet here's the fantasy twist:. In return you describe every detail, then accept your spouses delicious, wicked punishment... Click here to read an exclusive, scorching hot, absolutely adults-only excerpt from "When Alex Was Bad!"

Now, for the smokin-hot FS5 news!  First, Dec 1 marks the drop of Julian's book, "Hidden Fire."  Jo reports there's a new person coming to town that you'll find molto interesting...and in 2010, expect one of your FS5 craves to take a larger role in the action.  Tommy's story, "Line of Fire" drops in June '10, followed by Sean's book, "Ride the Fire," following in Dec.  Jo's being evil right now, letting us know that one of those men's careers will be killed, but won't say whose!

But here's the super scoop:  At the end of "Line of Fire," expect a surprise you couldn't have seen coming in a bazillion years, one that'll rock your hot-tub-love-scene-lovin' world right back to "Trial by Fire  !"

Yeah. I know what it is.  Not tellin'. But I will share that Jo didn't take me up on my suggested name changes for the last two FS5 books: "Hell Fire," and "Hell Fire and Damnation." 

What?  They so too are good.

Why do you think the fantasy played out in "Alex" will play well on-screen, as well as in erotic romance?  What do you like about the FS5 books?

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There's so much I love about the FS5 books -- band of brothers concept, wonderful love stories, a good suspence, firefighters --
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Didn't actually finish my post.


Firefighters. Firefighters. Firefighters. Okay, now I'm done. Not really.

When Alex Was Bad  plays into so many of our "married-life" fantasies. I especially like the doling out of punishment, being in charge is always a heady aphrodisiac.