We are so excited to have guest author Thea Harrison here. As you know I loved her book Dragon Bound and today she’s letting us in on:


The Thing About Dragons

I’ve always been fascinated by dragons.  I love the artwork and the mythology, both eastern dragons and western dragons, and I’ll suffer through a really bad movie if it has the possibility of good dragon special effects.  I don’t play World of Warcraft but when the company put out a promotional trailer that had a dragon in it, I had to watch the video three times.  Just now I had to do an internet search for the trailer and watch it again because I decided to write this blog about dragons.  Tolkien’s dragon Smaug was deliciously scary in The Hobbit.  A dragon with Sean Connery’s voice?  Swoon.
So it probably comes as no surprise that when I sat down to write a paranormal romance, I chose to write about a hero who is a dragon.  I chose carefully.  In my new Elder Races series that begins with Dragon Bound , I did not create a society of dragons.  I wanted to try to capture something of an elusive nature with Dragos.  The world of the Elder Races is populated with many different creatures—Elves, Vampyres, harpies, gargoyles and gryphons, Djinn, and both Dark and Light Fae, just to name a sample—but like Tolkien’s Smaug, in my Elder Races world there is only one dragon.
And Dragos Cuelebre was born.

So I have a dragon character that lives in my head now.  What is he like?  I asked myself.  He’s acquisitive, possessive, jealous, territorial, and dominant.  These are all very good characteristics for a dragon to have.  Where would he be placed in an alternative Earth?  What would this dragon make of modern society?  He’s aggressive.  He likes money.  He sounds… corporate.


That is how Dragos Cuelebre became Lord of the Wyr.  He doesn’t always understand people, and the whole issue of falling in love has him utterly flummoxed.  Deeper and more dangerous than falling in love, the Wyr mate for life, so Dragos has quite a steep learning curve when half-Wyr Pia Giovanni comes into his life.

From the first moment Dragos lays eyes on Pia’s photo, he likes what he sees.  And he chases what he likes.  And he learns fast.

Do you have a fascination with dragons too?  Which are your favorite dragon characters, and why?

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by bklvr16 on ‎05-06-2011 09:04 AM

I have loved dragons since I first read The Dragonriders of Pern many years ago.  They fascinate me.  I am reading Dragon Bound now and LOVING it!  I love Pia and I love Dragos's reactions to her.  He is what I think is the typical Alpha male; controlling and dominant.  She just discovered her Wyr-form and I was totally shocked!  And I love it! I love your alternate, magical world. I almost don't want to finish the book because I will have to leave them. I hope your next book features more dragons!

by on ‎05-06-2011 12:13 PM

Ramoth and Lessa swept me away into the world of dragons what I was very young.  I still haven't come back.  Reading Dragon Bound, I am seriously impressed.  The mythology is there and just not with Dragos...Pia, her kind have received a marvelous, subtle tribute.  The interaction between this pair are endearing and entertaining.  This is gone to be a read til it falls to pieces book, (good thing it's on my Nook...LOL).


A few other dragon writers who have left an impression are Shana Abe, especially her book the Smoke Thief, and E. E. Knight, whose books are told from the natural histroy view point of the dragons.  Anne McCaffery is an all time favorite author, too.  But as far as favorite characters go, that is a hard call to make, considering my favorites aren't even in print yet.  They are of my own making and are works currently in progress:


The Voice: The Lost Chronicle: The Healer, featuring Lark and Chance


The Traveller: A Chronicle of the Darkkin, featuring Bella and Tristan.




by Raonaid_Luckwell on ‎05-06-2011 04:18 PM

Fascination? LOL  If you could see all the knickknacks I have from dragon mini dagger from figurines to fiber optics (their wings use to glow), lamps.  The old place I use to live, the hubby and I went and had dragons painted on the walls. He took a projector to trace the dragons I simply painted them.


Favorite dragon character? Well I loved Mercedes Lackey's Dragon Jousters, then there is Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman. Yeah the dragons are minor characters. Deborah Cooke's dragon shifters to Allyson James and Sherrilyn Kenyon's were dragon that sleeps in the attic. Shana Abe


Even think the eternal dragon in DBZ is cool.

by firewoman55 on ‎08-01-2011 06:53 PM

I absolutely love the story of Dragos & Pia and I love this alternate world.  I can't wait until Storm's Heart comes out, although I have to admit that I'd hate to see all Dragos Sentinels scattering to various kingdoms.  We'll have to see how that works out. 


I first fell in love w/ Anne McCaffrey's Pern Dragons, and I also love Katie MacAlister's Dragons, especially Drake.  It's hard to beat a dragon lover unless it's maybe an Archangel lover.




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