I need a story that’s gonna reach in and grab my heart and shake me around the room. 

I need a read that’s going to keep me from thinking about the hundreds of emails that need answering or the stack of laundry that’s waiting to be done. 

I need ROMANCE.  And Vicki Lewis Thompson’s latest Blaze release Cowboys Like Us  has got heart.  There’s  definite steam on the pages, but in between the heat, there’s a whole lot of something, something.  The kind of something that keeps me interested in the characters. 

While at a friend’s wedding in Wyoming, ex-professional Chicago Cubs baseball player, Logan Caswell meets spunky, intelligent, but otherwise emotionally unavailable bartender Caro.  As they say in Hollywood, it’s a ‘cute meet’.  He has issues, the biggest one being what the heck he is going to do with his life now that a serious knee injury has thrown him out of the game.  She’s got issues, namely getting through the days, weeks, and months, working and taking care of her grandmother who’s now in a nursing home.  They are each unavailable emotionally and geographically.  That’s the set up and the author plays it beautifully.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not really hot on the H&H jumping each other’s bones two pages into the story.  When it comes to romance books , I personally like a relationship to emotionally develop and then, through the natural course of things, have the hero and heroine end up in bed.  So when I came to page 38 of this novel and Logan and Cora are ripping their clothes off I was a bit surprised,  BUT, it didn’t turn me off.  In fact, from the very beginning of the book Ms. Lewis created an inner voice for both characters that allowed me to know exactly what they were thinking before the lights went out.  I found it endearing, but more to the point, I understood these characters; their fears and their desires.  So, when they jumped into bed, it seemed natural. The love scene actually sets up these two characters.

Logan’s a bright lights- big city kind a guy who usually has one too many females on his arm and in his bed; and when it comes to Caro, well one-night stands don’t play very well in  small town Wyoming. However, when these two meet, there’s instant chemistry and the reaction creates an explosion.  It’s not just a sexual explosion.  The reader is treated to a relationship that traverses many emotional levels, and that’s what makes this book ‘real’.  Real relationships have emotional ups and downs as well as hot smokin’ sex; and when an author strikes a balance between the two it makes a romance reader swoon.

Cowboy’s Like Us is about two people who travel a path that requires hard decisions and growth. It’s a beautiful story, with a romance that blossoms.

What about you – are you okay if the hero and heroine have sex before they even know each other’s last name? 


Maria Lokken is an avid romance reader and an award winning television producer


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by kimba88 on ‎08-18-2011 09:43 AM

I want the romance.I do not mind the sex..but I do not like books that just throw in sex scenes to sell books. Unless a one night wildly passionate night with a stranger makes sense for the storyline,  I want the whole none yards. The characters need to build a relationship before they take it to the bedroom.

by Sunprintz on ‎08-18-2011 11:37 AM

Need the Romance along with the smokin Hot Sex :-)

by reader_824 on ‎08-24-2011 05:28 PM

I heard about Vicki Lewis Thompson here in the bookclubs and so I bought the first 3 of the Sons of Chance series.  I've been disappointed.  The plot ideas are good, but the writing seems thin.  The third one, about Jonathan Edward Chance, Jr. "Jack" is ok...but at least twice he's suddenly called "Chase."  ---p. 103 and again p. 125 in the eformat.  That kind of sloppiness makes me wonder who the author is getting to proof read her work.  I'll not waste any more money on her titles, I guess.



by Sharona322 on ‎08-27-2011 02:10 PM

I agree that there needs to be romance along with the hot sex. A steamy sex scene is fine, great as a matter of fact!, but I like to have romance in there to build up to the steamy sex, with romance, and some conflicts along the way, it makes the steamy sex even steamier to me! That said, I hvae always enjoyed Vicki Lewis Thompsons' books, and congreats to the Blaze series on 10 wonderful years, I have a small bookshelf full of nothing but Blaze books!!! Here's to many more wonderful years!!


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