Can you love a heroine who is sleeping with the enemy?  In Alexis Grant’s new romantic suspense Locked and Loaded   DEA agent Sage Wagner is so deep undercover that she’s become the mistress of an infamous and dangerous drug lord. It’s a risky move putting your heroine in the arms of the enemy, but in this action packed romance the risk pays off.

Sage’s family was gunned down and murdered by the Salazar brothers and Sage has spent her life and career waiting for the day when Miami’s biggest drug lord, Roberto Salazar, is punished and his empire is crushed. As one of the best DEA agents in the field she’s deep inside Salazar’s operation and taking him down is almost within her grasp.

What Sage didn’t expect was Captain Anthony Davis and his DELTA Force team busting in and nearly blowing her cover ruining long months of undercover work.  Anthony’s mission is three fold; to bring down Salazar, his associates, and crush his arms deal with al Qaeda.  Believing that Sage is Salazar’s mistress he’s prepared to take her ‘down’ as well.  When he realizes they are both fighting the good fight against a drug lord who’s in bed with terrorists the operation takes on a whole new level.  Intrigue, excitement and action drive this book.

Ms. Grant has taken two individuals that are driven by their commitment to their careers and given them the case of a lifetime – a case where perhaps the fate of the world hangs in the balance and every move, action and directive is all about the mission. Sage is a remarkable heroine who never takes no for an answer, is willing to put her life on the line, has her wits about her at all times and is damn good at her job. Anthony has been serving his country for years, his commitment, training and intelligence makes him extremely good at what he does. Together they make for an extraordinary team.

Locked and Loaded  is pure adrenaline and never lets up. The romance simmers in the background and you cheer for Anthony and Sage.  A heroine who puts it all on the line, including her soul, and a hero who sees her for what she really is and why she does the things she does makes for an explosive combination. This one bursts with energy starting with a bang from page one and never lets up.

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by Moderator dhaupt on ‎01-25-2012 11:29 AM

Thanks Marisa and really don't we all "sleep with the enemy" :smileyhappy: