One of my favorite paranormal series is Jessica Andersen’s Novels of the Final Prophecy. It’s an incredible series about the world coming to an end on December 21 2012. If you’re keeping count there are only several more months before that happens -  unless a group of modern day warriors called Nightkeepers can wield their magic and find a way to save the world from complete annihilation.

The reason this series has captured my imagination is twofold. First - it’s a paranormal/romantic suspense with the unique blend of Mayan mythology, magic and 21st century technology. It also has incredible characters, fast paced action sequences, and great story telling.  Secondly – the series is filled with surprises. Just when you think it will zig it zags.  A good example of this is in the sixth book of the series, Storm Kissed. I don’t want to give any spoilers away so let’s just say I was in awe that Ms. Andersen really shook things up by revealing some surprising twists in the very foundation of the world – and I loved it!  

In the latest release, Magic Unchained (Final Prophecy Series #7), yet another piece of the puzzle drops into place, and by drops I mean watch out cause she’s not joking here. With only a handful of Nightkeepers and fifty or so rebel Winikins (helpers to the Nightkeepers) it’s going to take all of their collective strength, magic, intelligence, grit and determination to save the world. Only problem is the

Cara is the leader of the Winikins and Sven is a warrior Nightkeeper and they have known each other since childhood. However, the two of them being together doesn’t seem to be in the cards, especially since Sven is all about finding the next great adventure and not staying in one place for too long.  To round out the whole “this ain’t never going to work” angle, the Winikins and Nightkeepers are a forbidden pairing. Did I say it was going to be easy? No, but every single one of the heroes and heroines in this series have had to come through hell and back again in order to be together. Its part and parcel of the trial by fire the Nightkeepers have endured since they started.

The relationship between Cara and Sven is very much a metaphor for the relationship between the Nightkeepers and their Winikins.  The rituals and traditions that binds and guides these modern day warriors and Winikins is not necessarily familiar- they were raised in a modern society away from their culture. But if they are going to have a fighting chance they have to find a way to honor their past while acknowledging their present and holding on for the future.

Magic Unchained had some new twists, new surprises and new resolutions. But with only one more book left in the series and the good guys sorely outnumbered the tension is mounting to a fevered pitch and each new reveal is electrifying. Ms. Andersen is weaving a web where good versus evil is at the heart of the conflict and the climax should be explosive.


Series Order for The Novels of the Final Prophecy

Nightkeepers (Final Prophecy Series #1)  

Dawnkeepers (Final Prophecy Series #2)  

Skykeepers (Final Prophecy Series #3)  

Demonkeepers (Final Prophecy Series #4)  

Blood Spells (Final Prophecy Series #5)  

Storm Kissed (Final Prophecy Series #6)  

Magic Unchained (Final Prophecy Series #7) 

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎04-13-2012 02:29 PM

Marisa, I have to say that outside the JR Ward's BDB series this is my all time favorite series pre-apocalyptic or whatever. It's amazing too just how much real history Jessica puts in between the pages of her paranormal series.


thanks, as always great article now on to the last chapter of The Nightkeepers series, can't wait to see what she comes up with next

by Blogger Marisa-ONeill on ‎04-13-2012 03:19 PM

Hey Deb - I agree - I think Jessica Andersen is a genius at taking history and rituals and melding them into a fictional world that is exciting.


I can't wait for Rabbit's book! I don't know how she's going to tie it all up and that's the best part about it - you just don't know what's going to happen. But with the cast of amazing characters she has created throughout the series I know it's going to be an ending well worth waiting for.


by M-square on ‎04-28-2012 07:44 PM
I love this series too! So much that each time a new book is released, I find myself "forced" to re-read the prior books over again as a refresher. True hardship! Rabbit's book should be fantastic if a little bittersweet: after following the story for so long it will be hard to let go....


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