“I watched as he snapped out his arms, and gigantic batlike wings unfolded from his back. His body elongated and shifted. Yet somehow he was still recognizable to me with a slender, elegant neck and massively powerful chest. Scales, as white as snow, sparkled like diamonds in the sun. A snakelike tail curled and twisted, whipping back and forth in fury. Coal black reptilian eyes seemed to find me despite the speed of ascent. What did I see there? Sorrow? Regret? I wasn’t certain, but it was a decidedly human expression despite the proud, cruelly handsome snout.”


The storyline of Precinct 13 was more paranormal fantasy than paranormal romance – the romance element was unequivocally understated – revolving around Connor, a 26-year old female coroner who accepts a position in Pierre, South Dakota, in large part to distance herself from her past, which included time spent in a psych ward and a boyfriend (Valentine) who enabled her belief in magic and magic creatures. Once in Pierre, however, she performs an autopsy on a recently deceased necromancer (who eventually gets up and walks away!) and quickly realizes that she is indeed not crazy – magic does exist. She is introduced to Precinct 13, essentially a secret team of paranormal cops who are involved in a “war against the unnatural,” and, with their help, she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the awol necromancer.


While the storyline was a little formulaic, I enjoyed the diverse cast of characters, which included a golem, a vampire/werewolf, a half-fairy, etc. I initially thought that Connor would become emotionally entangled with a “nerdy goth” technomage named Jack – a wildly endearing guy who embraced his inner geek by naming his magpie familiar after a Dr. Who character and wearing a stocking hat with Yoda ears! – but the arrival of Valentine put the kibosh on that potential connection…


Although this novel didn’t “wow” me – the well-developed cast of characters doesgive it the potential to become an entertaining series – it did get me to thinking: of all of the supernatural lovers in the paranormal romance realm, which kind do we as readers enjoy reading about the most?


Is it vampires, like the ones in J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series (Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, et. al.) or Lynday sands’ Argeneau saga?



Maybe the angels from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter saga

(Angels' Blood, Archangel's Kiss, Archangel's Consort, et. al.) or Gena Showalter’s Wicked Nights?


• Or perhaps the dragons portrayed in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races novels (Dragon Bound, Storm's Heart, et. al.) or Hallaway’s Precinct 13?


If you were the lead character in a paranormal romance novel, what kind of supernatural lover would you want to be involved with? And why?



Caprice Damani is a work-from-home mom with extensive experience in the publishing industry, as a bookseller, editor, and romance reviewer. Keep up with all of her blogs – as well as all of Barnes & Noble’s exclusive reviews, authors interviews, videos, promotions, and more – by following @BNBuzz on Twitter!

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by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎08-07-2012 08:22 AM

Ooooh, great question, Caprice! I am definitely in the minority in that shifters and vamps don't always do it for me - except for the Ashley - I'd read anything of her and love it. As for dragons, the Shana Abe books are my favorites when it comes to that sort of paranormal beast, though the Harrisons aren't far behind.


But I vote angels! They're dangerous and alpha yet saintly by default.

by JA_Bal on ‎08-07-2012 11:03 AM

I've read vampires, werewolves, fairies, and dragons.  The angels are next on my list, but out of those I have read, it's a real tough call as it is.


One writer can make a vampire sound like the perfect sensual predator - oozing masculinity and viciousness that can only be tamed by the one he loves.  I've even read of some fairy breeds that are the farthest cry possible from tinker bell.  The dragons I have read are so superior, aloof and deadly that you feel the one that catches their eye is the most precious woman of all.


If I had to choose, I guess first place would go to the vampire and second place to the dragon - only for the fact that a vampire is always in a human form and can be just as ancient.  I feel a dragon would need to shift and take off to feel free on occasion, but it could be fun to go for a ride.  Not to mention the fact that the dragons I have read about need someone who plays rough.  Vampires seem to be able to do rough and sweet - whatever their beloved wants, they're game for it.


But who knows, I might read some angel stories can completely change my mind lol.

by LisserMG on ‎08-08-2012 06:14 PM

I personally like the vampire romances better. I have read a little of all of them. I just can not get into the others a much. I also prefer the J.R. Ward version a lot better. I only read one of the Lyndsay Sands books, and I haven't pursued that line of books at all after finishing the first one. I actually have reminders in my calendar when the next Ward books are coming out. I really like the romance in them. They are a bit edgier (if that is even a word).


I did read one or two of J.R. Ward's Fallen Angel books. I like them some. It is just hard to imagine a angel boy being all dirty and romantic. I have read some other angel romances, and I just couldn't get into them.



by havenwynters on ‎07-15-2013 08:28 PM

I would have to say that I love vampire stories the best.  I too have read a lot of them and my favorite series is actually by Gena Showalter and her alien huntress series.  There are many different types like vampires, demons, dragons and such, but i really love the ones about vampires.  I also have read some angel ones and they are ok, but not my favorite.


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