First she lured us in with "Trial by Fire" and six-foot five and strappin' Howard "Don't call me Howie" Paxton and his full-figured little sweetheart in a steamy hot-tub scene nobody thought they'd see in this lifetime on the pages of mass market romance.  

Then Jo Davis hooked us with "Under Fire" and virgin/braniac Zach Knight, a sweet-natured guy who gets pushed to the don't-F-w/-me-fellers limit 'til the only hell he raises hotter than his taking out the bad guys is the hella hawt way he does his stripper/nurse squeeze till they score HEA.

Now, it's time for you fans -- and soon to bees -- of Davis' Firefighters of Station Five series to rev up your big, shiny, fire engine-sized expectations, 'cause Davis' sexy, action-packed "Hidden Fire  " lives up to all of 'em.

"Hidden Fire" at long last tells the story of Julian Salvatore, FS5's resident ladies' man, a combination of everything a woman loves about tall, dark and Latin, from his slight accent to his deeply innate love of - and even better, respect for - women. Lots and lots of women.  Yet Julian's happy enough giving his FS5 brothers the impression he's a player and, for all intents/purposes, a jerk who's good on the job, but not interested in anybody but himself.

However, Julian's interested to the point of near obsession with Grace McKenna, sister-in-law of his co-worker Howard Paxton, and the icy-cool, gorgeous, way-out-of-the-league-of-a-guy-from-the-wicked-wrong-side-of-the-tracks defense attorney who's shot him down about a billion times.  Grace finally, finally gives Julian a shot after he finds out she's repping a sleazeball who's shown up from Julian's past, a dangerous guy who turned Julian into a man with deep and painful hidden secrets, and who may be continuing his sick games with a new crop of young kids.

Grace's been attracted to Julian since he first started hitting on her.  Now she realizes they're every bit as hot together as she suspected - and he's deeper than she gave him credit for.  As they spend more time together, and she sees Julian w/in his element, she doesn't just get a glimpse of the famed lover who could shake up her independent, career-comes-first life. As Grace gets caught up in the danger Julian's stirring up by connecting his past to a present string of gruesome slayings, she also realizes her duty to her client might be drawing both her and Julian closer to a killer whose next victims could put an end to her new love-comes-first dreams.

What do you love about the FS5 series? Celebrating ethnicity in a character is tricky. What keeps a character like Julian from becoming stereotypical for you? Which FS5 character's story are you looking forward to?

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to score insider H2H FS5 dish about what's next in the series in '10 and beyond -- PLUS scoop on Jo Davis' hot upcoming SHADO black ops erom series that starts with "I Spy a Wicked Sin  "


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by 1AnneB on ‎11-16-2009 11:29 AM

Aw Michelle - another series ?? I'm really getting sucked in !!! They all sound so good ! I can't comment on this one, but I do see FS5 in my future....



by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-16-2009 11:54 AM

Um, Until now I didn't know I needed to, really needed to get acquainted with these studly muffins and after reading the little quip about the hot tub scene knowing that I really need to read that one first.  And as good as you are for my outreaching to new authors you're actually pretty bad for my wallet.

Your humble poor friend


by Lisa_Kroener on ‎11-16-2009 01:03 PM

What I love about the FS5 guys? That they once visited RBTB and talked quite a bit about their stories, their lives and their loves...


No, seriously, I think the stories are very ... realistic, if you want to. Not in that we all get chased by crazy murderers every now but, for example, Sean Tanner's pain about losing his family. Or that Six-Pack is attracted to a rather curvy woman. Or that Zack was bullied because of his brains. I like that. A lot.


I also like when story arcs start building several books before the actual book comes out - like Eve's love for Sean, that we can see right from the beginning. Or that we already meet Grace in the first book and Shea in the second one - she'll be Tommy's heroine and I really liked how the two were interacting when they first met.


Currently, I'm looking forward to Julian's story, of course (I've got some ideas about what had happened to him in his youth but I want to know for sure), but then I'd mostly like to read Sean and Eve's. I think it's the toughest situation that's most difficult to solve. I've been rooting for those two from the beginning.




by Jo_Davis on ‎11-16-2009 01:51 PM


Thank you so very much for your wonderful feature/review of HIDDEN FIRE!! You made my week!! What I love about these guys is that they're all so REAL to me. They each come with their own set of baggage, but they have huge hearts just ready for the right woman to love. The real-life firefighters I met during my research were soo kindhearted, and family men. Nurturers. I knew these was the sort of men I wanted to bring to my readers! I hope they all enjoy Julian's story--that man deserves some lovin'!


Thank you again! Many hugs and smooches,


by Jo_Davis on ‎11-16-2009 01:56 PM

Anne B and dhaupt,

Should you give my Station Five boys a try, I hope you enjoy them!! Thanks for posting!



Thank you for your post and your insight into my boys! You perfectly stated why I love them so dearly, and I hope you enjoy Julian's story just as much. Then in May 2010 is Tommy's story, and huge shake-ups are in store for the whole team...check back in the July archive, I believe, for Michelle's scoop on what's coming for our heroes...just enough to wet your whistle... :smileyhappy:




by Jo_Davis on ‎11-16-2009 01:59 PM

That sentence should say "...these were the sort of men I wanted to bring to my readers!" Ugh. Is it ok since I'm on heavy deadline for the next 2 weeks as an excuse? :smileyhappy:



by Author Tracy_Garrett on ‎11-16-2009 02:39 PM

From the moment I "met" Howard and the rest of the team, I was hooked. Hot, sexy, and fun, they're heroes, every one. I'm counting the days for the next book!

by Moderator becke_davis on ‎11-16-2009 05:29 PM

It's a good thing these are fire fighters, because we're going to need that hose to cool everybody down!

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎11-16-2009 06:07 PM

I have never read Jo Davis and thanks to a hot tub reference, I have to run out and buy them right now! Thanks for spreading the word about these books, Michelle. And welcome to, Jo!

by 1AnneB on ‎11-16-2009 08:26 PM

Well. I'm a hopeless case now....on my way to school, my car automatically turned into B&N and guess what book jumped into my hands ? Trial By Fire - funny how that happened...Michelle (and Jo too, for writing such a good book) you are going to bankrupt me !!!!



by Jo_Davis on ‎11-17-2009 12:04 AM

Aww, thanks, Tracy! I'm counting them, too!

by Jo_Davis on ‎11-17-2009 12:11 AM

Hi Becke and Melanie,


Ooh, that hot tub scene! I honestly thought my editor would make me tone that down, but nope! Happy me. :smileyhappy: Thanks for stopping in.

by Jo_Davis on ‎11-17-2009 12:15 AM

Anne B,

Bless your heart, thank you so much for giving Howard's story a try! I hope you enjoy it! Yes, it's funny how my car turns into B&N every time I rev it up. I have one 10 min. from my house and I love it! I'm there so much the employees  know me  by name, and I know most of them! 'Course, I've done booksignings there, too. :smileyhappy:


Thanks again and enjoy! Email me and let me know if you liked my Station Five boys...

by Lisa_Kroener on ‎11-17-2009 08:16 AM

Jo, really, you shouldn't have told me about the post in the archives section! Awwwwww, now I'm even more curious!!!

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-17-2009 09:00 AM

Really Anne, your car just automatically turned. Hmmm maybe our cars are sisters or something because guess what mine did on my way home from work yesterday. ;-)

And Becke I hope they have really cool water coming out of those hoses.

Jo I can't wait to read this book!!!


by 1AnneB on ‎11-19-2009 10:11 AM

Hi Michelle (and Jo too ) - AnneB here - I'm now officially a goner ! I started Trial By Fire this morning at the gym, while on the elliptical. I was so sucked in by page 10 that the next time I looked at the timer, I had been on for 30 minutes !!!! If for no other reason, all the books that everyone recommends are good for my body !!!!!!!!



by Blogger Michelle_Buonfiglio on ‎12-02-2009 11:02 AM

lol, Anne!  By the end of the series, you'll be teaching fitness at the gym!!!  Bet you were the only woman in the gym smiling while working out. : )