The person dealing with this conflict is one Jenna Riley, sister to professional football player Mick (from The Perfect Play) and professional baseball player Gavin (Changing the Game.) Sports is her life. Put more correctly, sports is her family’s life, and therefore it is hers, whether she likes it or not. She runs her family’s sports bar and is surrounded by fans, players, agents – all manner of people involved in the profession. She’s got nothing to complain about. Her family is supportive and loving. Her friends are loyal and fun. And her living is secure: the bar is extremely successful, even if it takes all of Jenna’s time.


The problem is that sports just aren't her thing. She’s tired of talking about left wings and double plays and extra points. To her Daytona would be a nice place to lay on the beach, not drive a car. No matter whether it's basketball or soccer or fencing, professional competitions just don't do it for her. And how could she ever know what does do it for her when her entire life is taken over by something she’s not thrilled with?


To add to Jenna's sports suffocation, hottest-hockey-player on two legs Ty Anderson has got it bad for her. He’s taken to appearing at Riley’s after all his games, pitching in to help when it gets busy, challenging her to go out with him – the kissing isn’t helping Jenna keep to her “no athletes” rule, either. It might seem like a bad idea to turn down a man as attractive as he is good-hearted, but Jenna can’t help but worry: by bringing in one more sports-obsessed person into her life, how will she ever carve out space in her world for things she enjoys?


What do you think of this idea, Heart-to-Hearters? Is it realistic to be completely attracted to a person who doesn’t have the same interests – on the surface – as you do? And do you like love stories where the main roadblock to a happily ever after is one of the characters just flat out not wanting to fall in love?


Answer this question here, and then stop by Romantic Reads where we'll be posting about all our favorite athlete-romances.


Until next week, happy reading!


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by LS135 on ‎02-22-2012 10:47 AM

I think you can be attracted and compatible, it would get boring if we were all the same, there would be no spark. The one sticking point would be if both people don't realize that the other is not all consumed in your interest and be considerate in how you go about your interest. That is where compromise and being considerate comes into play. There are boundaries to set...sounds good any way. Not sure how to put it into words...