The Fireman Who Loved Me  by Jennifer Bernard has it all. Snappy dialogue, Hilarious characters. Meddling grandmothers. A bachelor auction. And firemen.


Lots and lots of firemen.


What is it about these bravest of the brave that make such a darned phenomenal romance hero? Maybe it's their fearlessness. Or how good they look without their shirts (see cover image.) Or, in the case of Captain Harry Brody, maybe it's because they're always in command of any situation they're in, whether it be a burning building or a blind date from hell.


And in every great romance novel, there's a lady just lucky enough to catch the eye of our fireman. The lady here is Melissa McGuire, a news producer whose taste in men runs toward the artistic. Her grandmother thinks this is why she's still single....


Debut books come and go, but I think this is a keeper. It's funny, romantic, heart-warming, and sexy. And lucky for us it's the first of a series!


To celebrate its release, I invited author Jennifer Bernard to Romantic Reads to answer a few questions.

Here's some of what she had to say:


Congratulations on your first contemporary romance being published. You write like an old pro! Tell us a bit about the book, so readers know enough to follow my questions!

Thank you very much, I’m honored! THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME is the first book in the Bachelor Firemen series, which is based around a fictional California firehouse that may or may not be under a curse that dooms its firemen to a rocky road to romance. In this first book, Captain Brody falls for Melissa McGuire, a local news producer who can’t believe she’s being asked to report on a curse. Despite their wild attraction, both are wary of getting involved. It takes a meddling grandmother, a conniving news anchor, a huge fire and a bunch of sexy firemen to shake things up. 


Firemen. Why are they so hot? Explain.

Where do I start? Firefighters are bona fide heroes. They throw themselves into danger for the sake of others. They’re physically fit, they’re technically skilled, they can cook (some of them), they’re fun loving, they look mighty fine in their gear, they have a very special bond with each other, they’re protective, daring, courageous, knowledgeable.  And yet you see them working out, grabbing coffee, doing ordinary things. They’re both ordinary and extraordinary –the heroes next door.


For more from Jennifer and the first book of her Firemen of San Gabriel County series, please visit us at Romantic Reads. And while you're there, be sure to check out our list of today's best new releases. See you next week!


What's your favorite profession for a romance hero?


Melanie Murray is the moderator of Romantic Reads,'s all-romance, all-the-time community forum.

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by reader_824 on ‎04-29-2012 01:08 PM

I bought this book on your recommendation and I loved it.  What a great first book in the new series. I'm looking forward to the next ones about San Gabriel Fire Station #1.


I'm not too picky about occupations for my "hero," since I've loved all sorts of them...cops/detectives/FBI/DEA, etc, firemen, SEALS/other military, and architects/construction/whatever.  There can be good guys in every walk of life.

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎05-01-2012 12:11 PM

Oh, I'm so glad you bought it and thrilled you loved it!


I concur with your entire list of hero occupations.


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