October 27th has been circled on my calendar for weeks. Out in stores today are new books for everybody, whether you like contemporary romance by Nora Roberts or paranormal, futuristic vampire romance by author Susan Sizemore or something with a little bit of danger, like the new Caridad Pineiro.


Today at Romantic Reads, we're wading through all the new offerings, and are there books to buy! From Susan Mallery's

Hot on Her Heels to a gorgeous new Linda Lael Miller,


A Creed Country Christmas (Montana Creeds Series), there's sure to be something that has you excited. Come on over and let us know how you're choosing among the goods, and where you're going to store your now-towering TBR piles. Books I've got my eye on include Sins of the Flesh, It Happened One Night, and The Untamed Bride.


Speaking of Stephanie Laurens, if you were stranded on a desert island and this island magically kept you from bringing more than five authors' books along for the duration, what would you do? What is your list of Top Five Historical Authors? The lists as posted provide some great historical recommendations, and I'm happy to report that only one person tried to bend the rules by naming over twenty authors. I won't name names, but you know who you are, Becke. And while you're at it, feel free to let us know about your Top Five Contemporary Authors and your Top Five Paranormal Authors, too.


Also, as October winds down, I'm looking ahead to November, when we're happily diving into not one, not two, not three, but FOUR featured titles in our Book Club. In the coming weeks I'll share with you a bit about the books: Bed of Roses (Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet Series #2)Blaze of Memory, Silent Night, Haunted Night, and To Desire a Devil (Legend of the Four Soldiers Series #4). Nalini Singh, Terri Garey, and Elizabeth Hoyt will each be visiting the board, so we truly will have something to be thankful for!


Other hot topics this week: recommending our favorite vampire romances to those trying the genre for the very first time and accounts of when we've visited locales from our favorite romances.


Hope to see you at Romantic Reads!


For more on today's new releases, read Michelle Buonfiglio's Unabashedly Bookish post, Phat Tuesday.


Don't miss Jo Beverley all week at CenterStage!



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by Moderator becke_davis on ‎10-27-2009 02:08 PM

I love pretty much every single author with a new release today. I'm doomed!

by PrincessBumblebee on ‎10-27-2009 03:39 PM

Melanie, talke about the impossible! And I'm not just talkin about what to do with my TBR pile, hehe. Let's not go there, hehe. My kitties already hardly have any room (P.S. my laundry basket) to sleep, hehe.

Ok, so, here are my attempts at historical authors and trying to keep it at five: Judith McNaught, Jane Austin, Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Boyle, and Paula Quinn. Ok, see, I could have named SOOO many more, hehe.

Contemperary Authors: Janet Evanovich, Suzanne Brockmann, Tara Janzen, Cindy Gerard, and Christie Craig. Whew! Please, the rest, take a number, hehe.


Paranormal: (Ok, you might be surprised at this list. NOT!) Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh. (Only two, but the best!)


Oh, and I can't wait for Nalini Singh to visit us! Simply dying to Blaze of Memory to be released! Yay!

by Blogger Michelle_Buonfiglio on ‎10-27-2009 04:29 PM

I adored Creed Country Christmas, and now you've reminded me that I need to write about it here.  Um, do I owe you some money for that or something, Melanie?  And, um, if I list Marsha Canham five times in a row in the fave historical authors list, will I get disqualified?  Or haven't I mentioned that I like her books...

Caridad Pineiro is awesome, and she's got her own vamps, too, no?

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎10-27-2009 04:51 PM

PrincessBumbleBee: Choosing just five is like torture. Originally with the contemporary Top Five I was going to ban mention of SEP, Nora, and Jennifer Crusie, but that was just too mean...


Michelle: You don't owe me...Wait. Yes! Yes, you owe me money! I didn't know you liked Marsha Canham (wink, wink.) And Caridad is everywhere, isn't she?

by 1lovealways on ‎10-28-2009 01:34 AM

Hi Everyone!


Linda Lael Miller & Nora Roberts books, I've read, but I haven't read any of the other authors.  I have heard lots of recommendations about their books though.  My TBR pile is outrageous at this point, so I add new authors every month one or two at a time.  Although, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is no longer with us, she remains my favorite Historical Romance author.  Here are my lists.


Historical Authors-Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Marsha Canham, Elizabeth Stuart, Linda Lael Miller & Karen Marie Moning


Contemporary Authors-Linda Howard, Barbara Delinsky, Kathleen Eagle, Sandra Brown, Toni Blake


Paranormal Authors-J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, Amanda Ashley, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian


I have lots of others as far as HR goes, but a lot of them doesn't write anymore.  I wish they did because to me HR doesn't seem as exciting as it once was to read with one exception and that's Marsha Canham.  Gotta give her praise!  She never disappoints!  :smileyhappy:

by Author Caridad_Pineiro on ‎10-28-2009 08:15 AM

Hi Melanie!  Thanks so much for the shout out.  I am really excited about the new release SINS OF THE FLESH.  It's a story about a woman, Caterina Shaw, who is genetically engineered against her will and is developing all kinds of unusual powers.  One of the scientists on the project has a change of heart and is going to blow the whistle when his partners murder him and soon Caterina finds herself on the run, accused of the savage murder.


I'm having a big launch celebration at my website and invite all of you to drop by for the excerpts, an awesome video trailer and excerpts!  You can visit at www.caridad.com/blog.

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎10-28-2009 09:47 AM

Great lists, 1lovealways! I've really got to read this Marsha Canham - you guys have built her up so much!


No problem, Caridad. I can't wait to read the book!

by Moderator becke_davis on ‎10-28-2009 10:58 AM

I have a lot of yesterday's new releases on pre-order, but, sadly, my mailman brought no boxes of books yesterday. I had to run out for milk anyway, so it was no trouble at all to make a detour at the bookstore and make a few essential purchases. I ended up getting Anna Campbell's new book -- which I KNOW I preordered -- and Nalini Singh's new one, Lisa Dale's new book, Carolyn Hart's latest and ditto Lorraine Heath. If I get a box today with all those books and more, I will do my good deed for the day and send the duplicates to my daughter, niece and sister.

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎10-28-2009 11:08 AM

Becke! Patience is not a virtue when it comes to book deliveries, I agree. I'm curious to know what you'll think of the Lisa Dale - this is another cover that I love, but you know how the scenic covers pull me in.


And how long will it take you to read the Campbell? I'm thinking a few hours?

by Moderator becke_davis on ‎10-28-2009 11:36 AM

I read it last night - another wonderful romance but, man, does that woman ever torture her characters! I've got both of Lisa Dale's books in my TBR pile now, but I think I'll read the new release first - it really appeals to me. I was going to read the new Nalini Singh today, but maybe I'll go for Lisa's book first.


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