November has been jam-packed at Romantic Reads,'s all-romance, all-the-time, community board where love rules the day. First we were graced with a visit from the multi-talented Nalini Singh. The next week, Terri Garey stopped over to dish the dirt on her hilarious and heartwarming Nicki Styx series. And this week, I'm doing cartwheels because the amazing, up-and-coming Elizabeth Hoyt is here!


I've loved Elizabeth Hoyt's books since a certain widow went to certain lengths to make her fantasies come true with a certain less-than-handsome gentleman in Raven Prince. Then Elizabeth began her Legend of the Four Soldiers series, and I was hooked on her stories about men who've returned from war with as many wounds on the inside as they have on the outside.


The final book in this quartet,

To Desire a Devil (Legend of the Four Soldiers Series #4) doesn't disappoint. This New York Times bestseller wraps up the mystery of who betrayed our four heroes at the battle at Spinner's Falls, plus delivers a heart-stopping love story between two exceedingly well-matched people. This one's got all the juicy plot twists you love: a return from the dead, a lady and gentleman thrown together under most unusual circumstances, and a wrangle over a title that causes all the gloves - and other items of clothing - to come off. Elizabeth is chatting with us all week about Reynaud and Beatrice, the other couples in her Four Soldiers series, and the upcoming Maiden Lane series that literally has me circling the 2010 calendar.



Also, at Romantic Reads this week: come help our own beloved Becke Davis find garden or flower-themed romances. Add to the list of suggested romances with wonderful mysteries in them. And say hello to the author Heather Webber, whose new book Truly, Madly will be featured in the debut of the Sneak Peak program next month!


See you there!


Don't forget to head on over to Unabashedly Bookish, where Michelle Buonfiglio has the goods on that fashion staple, the little red dress, and how it figures in Emma Wildes' new book, Lessons from a Scarlet Lady.

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by Moderator becke_davis on ‎11-17-2009 05:57 PM

Oh wow, thanks for the shout-out! I got permission to take my Garden Variety blog out of the garden-zone and into the world of fiction. I'm going to be featuring more mysteries-with-a-garden-theme and romance and other fiction novels that have a flower/garden theme. I've found a lot of them, but I know there are a lot more I'm forgetting (or don't know about). I'll feature your suggestions in a future Garden Variety blog -- thanks for your help, Melanie and all!


In fact, Heather Webber, whose book is the Sneak Peek feature this month, is the author of a series of mysteries with a garden theme. And Nora Roberts' new book, Bed of Roses, fits right into this category. I'm excited to hear of others I may have missed!

by 1AnneB on ‎11-17-2009 07:32 PM

Hi Melanie - AnneB here - Is there some sort of romantic series conspiracy here ??? Another series that I HAVE to read....I have no self-control !!!!!! I guess I'll have to remind my family that a B&N Gift Card is my fondest wish !



by 1lovealways on ‎11-18-2009 05:08 PM

Hi Melanie!


I agree with AnneB.  There must be a conspiracy regarding series (laughing)!  I think every book I've read this year is part of a series. Not that I'm complaining!  Far from it!  Each successive book in these series seem to get better and better.  Now here's another one that sounds good and is calling me!  Ohhhhhh!  I swear books do that to me like nothing else!  Not even sweets do that and I love them! 


Yep, I'm sunk.  My TBR pile is wobbling and I still want more books!!!  I've already promised myself several as my own Christmas gift to myself.  And yes, I'm begging for gift cards too!  I'm absolutely mad ... about books that is!!! :smileyhappy: