Christmas comes early in the world of romance and lasts for months. Holiday stories begin appearing on shelves before Halloween, and this means there's no shortage of cheery, heart-warming, and sometimes steamy tales of winter love to keep you occupied from the moment the leaves start turning well into the New Year.


I've celebrated the season at Romantic Reads in a variety of ways; one of my favorite threads of all time was the Christmas Advent Calendar - twenty-five days of romance! This year we're talking about the best reads for this time of year, with a focus on the paranormal.


So what are your favorite holiday reads? Do you prefer the heartwarming annual offerings from Debbie Macomber? Do you like to take a bite out of the season with vampires and werewolves? Or is your celebrating only complete if shared with the odd Scot or two?



by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-18-2010 10:42 AM

Melanie, the holidays are always very special to me and the one thing I allow for myself is to have enough time to relive my favorite holiday novels.

here they are

Debbie Macomber - The Christmas Letters

Heather Graham - Home In Time For Christmas

Susan Wiggs - Lakeshore Christmas

Father Andrew Greeley - Home For Christmas


And I want to get Debbie's new book out this year that you've featured above

Thanks Melanie