What I love about this sub-genre is the pure adrenaline coupled with the ‘take no prisoners’ attitude that is often the pre-requisite of all alpha males in romantic suspense. In this particular brand of romance there is never a secret power, or a magical ritual, or a mystical place that will save the hero or heroine. Instead they have to use their intellect, expertise, cunning, strategy and sometimes brute strength to get the job done. They rely on themselves and the teams or partners they work with.





This month there are two romantic suspense books that I’ve been waiting to read.  I waited a long time for Lora Leigh’s final installment in her Elite Ops series. In, Live Wire, we finally find out what happens to Jordan Malone and Tehya Talamosi. Jordan is the commander of the Elite Ops team and we’ve watched him ‘dance’ around his feelings for Tehya through five previous books. This is the book where the dance heats up and they have to face what they’ve been fighting for over six years.


In Maya Banks’ third installment of her KGI series, we get to know more about Garrett Kelly, the third Kelly brother who is the loner in the group. In Hidden Away (KGI Series #3) we find out what makes Garrett tick. In trying to trap one of his long time enemies, Garrett never expected to find or fall in love with Sarah Daniels. 


These two books couldn’t be more different. Although both have an element of suspense, the heart of each book is the relationship between the hero and heroine; it’s the relationship that takes center stage. Both books can be read and fully understood without reading previous books in the series; yet each book brings in all the characters from the prior books and they have major parts to play. If the suspense element isn’t as strong as in other books in these series, the one thing that is very prominent is they both have a huge sense of camaraderie/family between the characters.  This is what both books offer in spades. That sense of belonging to a group that has your back no matter what. The danger and mystery are held at bay and finally defeated because as a team these groups work together. Each individual is strong, unique and capable – but when you put the individuals together as a group of people who trust, know and love each other, well then, they are unstoppable.


What’s your favorite sub-genre of romance? Is it romantic suspense? Or do you find your bookshelf filled with Regency romances?



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by Teresa_Thomas_Bohannon on ‎03-19-2011 02:53 PM

Well, since I have published a Regency Romance and I'm doing the final edits on a Paranormal Romance I should say that those are my favorites--and I do have a profound weakness for Regencies; but the truth of the matter is I will read just about anything and take my romance where I find it.  I've read every Clive Cussler, Dirk Pitt--my all-time favorite action hero hunk--novel ever published and also James Rollins, both actually quite short of any indepth romance, but I still enjoy what little bits and pieces they sneak in around the international intrigue, guns, explosions and excitement.




by Kate_Stone_Reads on ‎03-24-2011 10:45 AM

You picked 2 of my favorites to feature. I'd never read romantic suspense until Maya Banks KGI series. I read Lora Leigh, but hadn't picked up her RS books until I read Banks' new series. Now I'm a fan of both and am branching out. I want romance first, suspense second in my reads, and that's not always easy to find. One or the other often suffers. But I'm now looking for more of what I like on the shelves.




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