Stromwalker by Allyson James
Dear Reader: 
Author Allyson James has created the perfect storm. She has brought together the separate elements of mystery, tension, magic, fantasy, humor, excitement and romance in just the right way to create a book that is one of the best romance reads this year.  You all know I love a good book and in Stormwalkers I found a good book to love. After reading Stormwalkers one of my first thoughts was that Ms. James is the JJ Abrams- slash -Steven Sondheim- slash - Meryl Streep of romance fiction. No matter what the time, place or sub-genre she sets her books in, this author seems to be able to write everything with a sense of truth and authenticity. Under the name Jennifer Ashley she’s written the books Pride Mates and The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and I asked myself, “How can this be?” “How can one author have such a diverse and wide-ranging ability?” I honestly don’t have an answer for that. What I do have is a great admiration and profound appreciation for her talent; and I suggest that if you have not yet read any of her books you do so immediately. Whether you’re a fan of historical romance, paranormal romance, fantasy or just love a good book, I’m sure you’ll find something that will appeal as well as an author you can rely on to take you away from the mundane and catapult you into the extraordinary. But I digress and should get back to the book at hand – Stormwalkers.
The characters inhabiting the desert town of Magellan are mystical creatures such as Skinwalkers, Firewalkers, fallen Gods, and bi-sexual talking mirrors. Of course you also have your electricians, plumbers, law enforcers and townsfolk as well. Add matricide (you know, when you not only want to kill your mother, but you actually do kill your mother) to the mix, and all hell literally breaks loose. Matricide is not an easy task and can become even more complicated when your mother resides in the ‘beneath world’ located right under the town of Magellan and embodies all that is truly evil.  
The question of whether matricide is an easy thing to do is inconsequential because in fact, that is the task facing Janet Begay. Our heroine Janet employs a truly significant weapon to battle the Goddess of the ‘beneath’ world (a.k.a. her mother); she has the magical ability to control and use the power of a storm. The bigger the storm the better, and lightning is a particularly good vehicle with which to wield her magic because Janet is a Stormwalker. And before you go ‘Child Please!” you should know that Ms. James has created characters and a world that are not only fantastical but have an inner dialogue and tone that will have you Googleing the fictional town of Magellan to see where it is on the map. You get sucked into the mythology that quickly. 
Since the town of Magellan is situated atop powerful vortexes (places that join the ‘beneath’ world with the world we inhabit) suffice it to say, BAD things happen. With Janet’s mother making continual bids to cross over, Janet’s only recourse is to join forces with a coyote, a crow, her ex-boyfriend Mick and Sheriff Nash Jones to find a way to either kill her mother before she takes over or seal the vortex. From the first page to the last the excitement never ends - it’s story telling at its best. 
So dear reader, if you’re looking for a paranormal romance where:
1.The heroine can control the power of a storm, ride a Harley, converse with Gods and mirrors, has the unbeatable and winning combination of wit, charm sass and courage;
2. A hero who would die for the woman he loves, is an ‘alpha’ in every sense of the word but is able to champion with out controlling;
3. Secondary characters that should win an Emmy as supporting players;
4. An exciting and unusual world and
5. The promise of a continuing story line between the heroine Janet and the hero Mick in her November 2010 release Firewalker;
Might I suggest Stormwalker by Allyson James?
Please stop by and join the Stormwalker conversations on both Melanie Murray and Paul Goat Allen’s threads.
Marisa O’Neill is an avid reader and television producer.
I’m curious, have you read any books by Allyson James or Jennifer Ashley? 

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by Blogger Maria_Lokken on ‎05-10-2010 05:35 PM

Marisa - you had me at 


"She has brought together the separate elements of mystery, tension, magic, fantasy, humor, excitement, and romance..."


I read and loved "The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie" - but now you say it's the same author with a very, very different voice.  All I can say is there are some books that will be reshuffled on my TBR pile so I can read this one next.

by Gannon_Carr on ‎05-10-2010 08:30 PM

Marisa, I'm getting ready to start STORMWALKER tomorrow, so I won't read your whole review (don't want to spoil it) ;-). 


Like Maria, THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE was one of my top books last year, so I'm looking forward to reading Allyson's voice. 

by Blogger Marisa-ONeill on ‎05-11-2010 06:13 AM

Maria - you know I never steer you wrong - read this one.


HI GANNON! so very glad to see you here. You must tell me what you think after you read it; I'm sure it will find a place on your keeper shelf.

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎05-11-2010 11:11 AM

Marissa, I too am astounded by Jennifer/Allyson's ability to write so many different genres with absolute authenticity.


As you know, I loved this book! Let me add one more voice to the chorus of cheers for it. The setting is beautifully and lovingly written - you can tell the author loves the Southwest and after I finished the book I wanted to book a trip there!


Hi, Gannon!

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎05-11-2010 04:57 PM

Ok, I'm convinced it's on order

by Moderator Melanie_Murray on ‎05-12-2010 10:41 AM

Deb, you'll like it I hope.

by Gannon_Carr on ‎05-13-2010 07:31 PM

Marisa, I finished it this afternoon.  WOW!!!  It was amazing!  I'm already counting the days until FIREWALKER is released. :-)

by Laura0807 on ‎05-14-2010 06:30 PM

Okay, two years ago for the first time in my life I took the advise of a review and bought J.R. Ward's Lover Eternal.  I was scared, because I am not a reader in general of anything but historical, but to my surprise, I LOVED IT. Thank you Marisa. (It was your review) I have read the whole series to date.  And now you tell me about Stormwalker?  Well, well, well, here I go again.  I will be making a stop in town this week and will put it on my shopping list.  It sounds just bizarre enough to keep me reading.  I'll let you know what I think once I'm done with it. 

by Blogger Marisa-ONeill on ‎05-15-2010 09:48 AM

Gannon, I'm so glad you liked it - I'm right there with you waiting for the release of Firewalker. And until November we can enjoy her alter ego's (Jennifer Ashely)  follow up to The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie - the book Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage hits bookshelves in July!


Laura - thanks so much! I really think you'll find a new series to hang your hat on with this one. I'm looking forward to your thoughts.


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