It's with abject disappointment that I must report there were no plaids to be had at last night's Harlequin bash at the Georgetown Ritz Carleton.  The art director from Hquin who'd donned the thing for last year's event shared w/me that too much of a good thing might get old fast, but he'd probably snap out the pleats for next year's RWA National. 

I'm thinking one never can get too much of some good things.  Take romance fiction, for example, the reason so many of us are gathered here in D.C.  Recently, RWA published stats from its regular survey of romance readers performed by a couple sources.  Seems romance readership is up, with 74.8 million folks in the U.S. having read at least one romance in 2008!  And readership is up, with 24.6 percent of all Americans having read a romance in '08 versus 21.8 percent in '05. (Source:

The RWA survey also found that "the most popular online resource for a reader looking for information on a romance novel is a retailer [website]."

Gulp. Now I'm feeling a little pressure.  When more folks find out about H2H, will they be looking to me to provide all that info?  I mean, 74.8 million folks' worth of recommendations is a lot of recs.  I think I'm going to need your help. 

And maybe a mimosa. Thank goodness I'm off to brunch with Firefighters of Station Five series author Jo Davis!  Her new FS5 novel, "Under Fire  " is hawt.  But we'll be talkin' "When Alex Was Bad," her August erotic romance that's not only hawter, but has been optioned to Hollywood by none other than Academy Award-winning producer of  "Crash," Cathy Schulman.

Later today, you can read an exclusive, adults-only excerpt from "When Alex Was Bad  !"

Why do you think romance reading is on the rise?

ps:  I've been taking lots of photos, but having a little trouble posting them!  I'm really sorry and will definitely do a photo re-cap next week!

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