Her latest release, You Dropped a Blonde on Me  is a laugh out loud, romantic comedy, with enough great comeback lines that you almost want to keep a pad and pencil by your reading chair to jot down the gems she’s written, because they’re perfect remarks to use when dealing with those whose sole purpose is to give you trouble.

And when it comes to troublesome, her heroine Max has one person who is giving her all manner of angst, and that’s her soon to be ex-husband Fin. After twenty years of marriage and one child, Fin has decided it’s time for a younger version of Max. That alone would make anyone feel a range of emotions from depressed, to anxiety, to stark raving pissed off. But the final body blow leaving Max breathless is the pre-nup she signed entitling her to nothing. And when you have gone from dripping in diamonds and daily trips to the spa, to living with your mother in her retirement village and looking for a job just to put milk on the table, one would tend to experience all manner of feelings on the emotional spectrum.  While Max’s survival instincts are in tack, her self esteem is shot.  And when you’re self esteem is in the toilet – word to the wise – it’s best not to make any new friends.  

But, at her lowest point, while being rejected from a job at the fast food restaurant Cluck Cluck Chicken she runs into Campbell Barker, her chemistry lab partner from high school.  She never gave him a second glance two decades ago, but now it seems Campbell is all grown up – and in all the right places.  

Can Max get through her divorce in one piece?  Will she be allowed to wear the checked gingham apron at Cluck Cluck Chicken?  Will Campbell help her forget the wretch of a man she was married to for 20 years?  And will the ex Princess, pom-pom trophy wife get a new life?  Ms. Cassidy shows the slow assent of one woman who married into wealth, losses it all, and fights her way  back to gain something much more than money could ever buy.
In addition to Max and Campbell, who have terrific chemistry, You Dropped A Blonde On Me has marvelous secondary characters, each with their own ability to see a situation and give it a name and a place. This is a romantic comedy, with a heroine who will surprise you and give you something to cheer about.

If your husband left you for a younger woman, would you?
a)    Go quietly into the night?
b)    Make sure the divorce was amicable?
c)    Take him for everything he had?

Maria Lokken is an avid romance reader and an award winning television producer

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-18-2010 10:37 AM

Maria, I've never read her. Wow I think that will be rectified very soon.

Hmm I'd choose d) make sure you have a large plot of land in which to bury the body and a lot friends in low places.