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Copy/Paste From BOOK in Windows PC Nook reader.

I've had my nook for about two years and I'm very happy with it.  Up to now I've been only buying fictions and other books to read.  I was about to purchase a technical book because, in theory, it has the advantage that code samples can be cut and paste into programs.  In the old days programming books would make sample code available on a disk or online.  These days they are begiing to not do that since we can just cut/paste from the ebook.  Nice in theory ... a problem if I want to stay with Barnes and Nobles and my Nook!!


It seems I have two choices:


1) Purchase the book as a eBook and use standard Adobe reader functions to cut/paste.  Sometimes there is some text restricted, sometimes there is a limit to how much you can select at once.  But for programming bhooks they have made sure that all the code can be cut/paste.


2) Purchase the book as a Nook Book.  I can read it on my Nook so that is great.  I can read on the PC where I program, so that is great.  But using the nook Windows PC reader I can't cut and paste.  That means retyping all the code samples in the book, which is stupid, error prone and time consuming. 


If the Nook Reader does not allow copy/paste then it pretty useless for almost all text books.  When I was a student I used to copy things out of text books all the time.  This is considered fair use and is not a copyright infringement.  It is also fair use to quote something from a magazine or book and reference the source.   


So .. how the heck to I copy paste from text books?  is there  a solution or is the answer that the nook is not a good solution for text books?


HELP!!! It seems dumb for me to buy the book through another channel just because my nook cant copy paste.