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Re: Help With Signing In and Signing Out


Nadine wrote:

Why can't I log in to B&N Community without Signing into my account. First I get dumped into my account information when I log in to the community and have to work my way back to the community to do what I wanted to do in the first place. I don't want to go to my account when I log into the community. If I wanted to go to my account I would sign into my account.


Now if I log out of the community, I am still signed into my account. Not a good security measure if I happen to be on a public computer and "forget" that I have to both log out of the community and sign out of my account. Now if I sign out of my account after logging in when I remember, I do stay logged in in the community as long as I don't do anything. But if I do than I'm automatically log out of the community and have to start all over again.


Now if I am signed into my account, which I have to be, and close my browser -- or even turn off the computer -- I am still signed into my account the next day. B&N doesn't seem to have much regard for costomer security. Every other system that I have dealt with automatically logs me out when I close my browser (minimal level of security), often as soon as I leave the company website (Amazon does and this is the highest level of security) and some when my account hasn't been active for a certain period of time (the cautious level of security).



(sigh) I think I first b*tched about that a year ago. Nothing's changed either.


Now I'd also like to know why 8 times out of 10 my account page registers as a non safe shopping site with my browser? Soo not reassuring!


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Re: sign up for the wake of forgiveness.

I am new to this book club and an having problems signing in.  I followed the directions and I still am unable to e-mail my info.  Apparantly the computer does not recognise the e-mail,'forgiveness'.  Is there another e-mail address I can use.  I am not sure if it is safe to put down my adress and phone number for all to see.   Any suggestions?  I am interested in this discussion.