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Re: Online courses

Everyman wrote:

Pumpernickel2008 wrote:

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for so many GOOD links, Everyman !!!!


You're very welcome.  Glad to have been able to help.  Let us know if you find any really great courses!


I used to be a B&NU student too , and GOD only knows -- well,  former B&NU students certainly do too -- how much I MISS them.


We should get together here and have a thread for former B&NU students...


A sort of Alumni Association, eh?  There are a bunch of us, I think many still lamenting the demise of BNU.  But change, as we know from the recent election, is the mantra of life these days.  Unfortuantely not all change is progress, but.....


I'd like that very much, and maybe, just maybe, we could share whatever files we have on the old BNU (if The Powers That Be will allow it, that is).



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grammyof3 wrote:

whenever i add ebooks to my nook book wish list at, it does not work.

it used to work perfectly.

please advise.

There's a problem with the website, and the add to wish list isn't working.  B&N acknowledged this and said they are working on fixing it.


You can add books to the wishlist if you go to your wishlist and click on the button that says "Add more items".  Not ideal, but if you really want it in your wishlist that's the only way to get it in right now.