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Searching for the author

Searching for a Romance series I want to finish reading, but cannot remember the author's name!  The overview of the series is seven Scottish siblings sent to London by their father (without funds) to reform their ways. Two older brothers - one a fighter, the other one a gambler, then several sisters. The last one I read was about two of the sisters going to a ball to meet a new Duke. One of them accidently meets him in the library in the dark and he mistakes her for his mistress.   Any help would be really appreciated!

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Re: Searching for the author

There is a Lost Book Board that may prove to be helpful.  It helps people find the names of books where they only know the synopsis, but not the title or author.  The title is Lost Books and it is under the Book Discussion Board.  Here is the link...


Posting there might find some extra help for you.

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