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deleting posts and account

How do I delete posts I have posted to the message boards?  And how do I delete my account if I decide to?



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Re: deleting posts and account

Sorry JamieScott, but it is not possible for you to delete posts you have posted to the message boards.  In some cases we will remove certain posts if they violate our Terms of Use - and as a user, you can edit your own post within the first hour after posting it (so you can erase whatever you wrote and leave it blank) - but aside from that, you cannot delete posts. 


If there is a specific post of yours that you would like removed for a particular reason, you can send me a PM and we can talk about it.


As for closing your account, if you want your account at the Book Clubs closed, you can PM myself or another admin and we can close it, but posts you made would still be visible.  If you want to close your account you would have to contact Customer Service for that.


Hope that helps,






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