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e-ink screen not working

Hello my Nook stopped working the e-ink screen just has a lins down the left side and looks like its trying to display the text but nothing is visible clearly.The touch screen still works.this happened after an accidental disconnect from usb.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

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Re: e-ink screen not working

After two years, my 1st Generation Nook started having lines, and a large blank area in the lower left corner. It has never been dropped, had anything spilled on it, or been damaged in any way. The E-Ink display just FAILED! This happened way sooner than any Laptop or iPad screen would be expected to do. See the attached picture.


E-Ink Failure.jpg


A friend has a Kindle, and he's had his E-Ink display replaced 3 times in the last couple years. Another friend says he purchased a replacement screen online for his Nook (since Barnes wouldn't do it) and swapped it out himself for about $35. It seems it doesn't matter who you get your E-Ink display from, they don't last as long as a tablet such as an iPad would. I'm very disillusioned in the E-Ink technology at this point.