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nook friends not for 1st edition?


I recently got the 1st edition nook -- b/c with the lowered price I could now afford it! One of the things about the nook I was excited about was the LendMe feature. But as I'm learning about it and "nook friends," it sounds like this feature is only for the nook color or the new nook. Am I wrong?


If I am (I hope I am), how do I make friends with other nook owners through the first edition, aside from simply adding someone's email address? Like many people have said on the message boards here, most of my friends are still reading paper books. I'd like to make 'friends' with other nook owners so we can swap books.



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Re: nook friends not for 1st edition?

You can lend books with the N1E.  The instructions are in your user guide.  This thread may also help:


Come on over to the Nook (e-ink) section of the boards for more discussion and info about your nook: