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Write a Review!

Admin. Jessica passes along the following call for reviews from book club members. I hope some of you will write a review!


"One of the great things about the conversations we have here is that we all have such great book recommendations to share with each other. It's really quite impressive! So why not share our love of these books with even more people?

Did you you know that you can write a review of any book from its page on the B& site?

To write a review:

Find that book on the site. (Use Search, if you like.)
In the Overview tab, to the right, there is a link -- Write a Review.
Or in the Customer Reviews tab, the same Write a Review link appears.
Fill out the form, submit it, and your review could show up on our site within 3 business days.
And if you do write a review of a book, let folks back in the book clubs know so we can go check it out!"

[CAK's books , website.]
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