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More Adventurous Tales

Book Cover Image: Title: Island of Hope, Author: Martin W. Sandler

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Island of Hope: The Story of Ellis Island and the Journey to America
Martin W. Sandler
More than 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954. Stirring archival photographs and dramatic first-person accounts bring all aspects of the Ellis Island experience to life. Witness the immigrants' incredible struggles to reach Ellis Island. Share their hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations as they undergo the many tests required of immigrants. These are the people who built America.

Book Cover Image: Title: America through the Lens, Author: Martin W. Sandler

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America through the Lens: Photographers Who Changed the Nation
Martin W. Sandler
American history is punctuated by defining moments -- some proud, some tragic, some beautiful. Photography has captured and shared them with the public, and as the craft has evolved, the photographs themselves have changed the way we see the world. From Mathew Brady's startling Civil War photographs to NASA's stunning images of the universe, this book highlights twelve photographers whose work has truly changed the nation.

Book Cover Image: Title: Ice Blink, Author: Scott Cookman

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Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Last Polar Expedition
Scott Cookman
Two of the most advanced ships of the time. 129 handpicked men. A commander who had survived three previous Arctic trips. Lost without a trace. What happened? For a century and a half, the question of what happened to the Franklin Expedition -- the worst disaster in the history of polar exploration -- has remained a puzzle. Now, based on original research Cookman re-creates the expedition and reveals a frightening new explanation of its fate.

Book Cover Image: Title: Barrow's Boys, Author: Fergus Fleming

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Barrow's Boys
Fergus Fleming
Fleming captures the incredibly brave, and often downright insane, passion for exploration that leads men into situations that would humble even the bravest adventurers today. Under the command of John Barrow, Second Secretary to the Admiralty, handpicked teams of elite naval officers scoured the globe at any cost. From the first disastrous trip down the Congo, from Antarctica to the Arctic, this one volume captures the full sweep of Barrow's ambitious exploration program.

Book Cover Image: Title: Fatal Passage, Author: Ken McGoogan

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Fatal Passage: The Story of John Rae, The Arctic Hero Time Forgot
Ken McGoogan
McGoogan narrates the astonishing adventures of John Rae, establishing that he found the last link in the long-sought Northwest Passage, and uncovered the grisly truth about the last days of Franklin's expedition, with calamitous consequences to his own reputation. Offending the sensibilities of Victorian England, Rae publicized native accounts of the cannibalism that Franklin and his crew were driven to, placing Rae on a path of ignominy ever since.

Book Cover Image: Title: Unraveling The Franklin Mystery, Author: David Woodman

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Unraveling The Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony
David Woodman
Among the many who have tried to discover the truth behind the Franklin disaster, Woodman is the first to recognize the importance of the Inuit testimony and to analyse it in depth -- testimony that provided Woodman with the pivotal clue in his re-construction of this century-old puzzle.

Book Cover Image: Title: Paddle to the Arctic, Author: Don Starkell

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Paddle to the Arctic: The Incredible Story of a Kayak Quest across the Roof of the World
Don Starkell
At age 57, Starkell decided to paddle a kayak from Hudson Bay 3,000 miles through the Northwest Passage. This is his diary of the journey from Churchill, Manitoba, north and then west all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, close to Alaska. The voyage took him three Arctic summers, and each attempt almost cost him his life.

Book Cover Image: Title: Frozen In Time, Author: Beattie and Geiger

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Frozen In Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition
Owen Beattie and John Geiger
Beattie and Geiger describe the voyage of what has become known as the Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest Passage, the efforts to find it, and the probable cause of its failure as found in scattered bones and bodies of a few of the crew found entombed in the permafrost. It seems they did not fail for want of courage or skill, but because their 3 to 5 years' supply of food contained deadly amounts of lead solder. This updated edition includes photographs of the exhumations and an introduction by Margaret Atwood.

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