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Re: TTT: Book 3: Chapter 6. The King of the Golden Hall

hi, lorien...
I ,for one, am in no way an expert on ancient armor or crowns ( Dagor & TiggerBear seem to have furnished us with a wealth of information on this subject ) -- 
But, ( blurring the lines into discussing the movie versions again -as they did seem to enter into the conversation ) - I always pictured the armor at least as being even older, more ancient -  than in the form it was sometimes depicted in the movies...  Sometimes, some of the armor costumes seemed to derived from various periods that should have been more Aurthurian - or better yet, Pre-Arthurian ( but were'nt , they seemed to evoke later periods ) ---
And that palace in Minas Tirith - it looked some Moorish/Byzantine/almost Rococco
goulash of architectural styles - it all looked very "Post -Christian Era" to me.
I would have preferred something more "abstract" - something more "invented" and less derivative.
I realize that they did not just come up with these designs willy-nilly - and perhaps some ( such as the Minas Tirith palace ) were even based on some drawings by JRRT ( for all I know ) -  but I think a good deal of "just plain made-up material" is necessary when creating the most ideal mood for a fantasy movie version of a story like LOTR ---
I think Edoras turned out better - though - it seemed less "modern" than Minas Tirith - and did evoke a
Beowulfish mood ---
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