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A Welcome from Your Moderator

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Hello Everyone --

Not only are Jacquelyn Mitchard's novels -- starting with 1996's Deep End of the Ocean -- more than familiar to book clubs, the author is someone we feel especially attached to here at the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs. She first joined us for a wide-ranging conversation about her 2005 novel The Breakdown Lane, then returned last year to explore the themes and issues of Cage of Stars.

We're lucky enough to have the author back for a third time -- this time for an encore journey into Cage of Stars. This book, like all of her novels, is both a compelling drama about people in extremis, and a chance for us all to consider the questions it raises -- in this case, some of those include the role of faith in contemporary society, our understanding of mental illness, and (perhaps most centrally), how we deal with and move on from those events which a "normal" experience can't encompass.

I look forward to hearing from everyone on this engrossing book and it's heroine, Ronnie Swan. As we get ready to begin in earnest on Monday, please post any early thoughts in the "First Impressions" thread. (And don't forget to introduce yourselves.)

A Quick Note about Spoilers: There's plenty of excitement in the final chapters of this novel, so if you've already read the whole thing, and want to talk about the end, be mindful of accidentally spilling the beans in a discussion that's still about the early chapters. We'll post some topic questions pertinent to the later chapters in a little while. In the meantime, if you have a question or thought about the events from the end of the book, you can open a new thread -- but please put "Spoilers" or the like in the subject line, so that those who want to can hold off reading the thread until they've finished the book.

See you back here soon.

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