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An Update from Your Moderator -- New Discussions Posted

Hello everyone --

Just wanted to post a quick note to say that as we move into the second week of our book club conversation with Jacquelyn Mitchard we've got new discussion questions posted on a range of topics, most relating to Cage of Stars in its entirety. If you're still catching up with your reading, you might want to steer clear of these "Later Discussion Topics" until you've finished the book.

One thing I also wanted to note is that I feel especially privileged to have been a part of this conversation, in which several of you have shared your personal connections to this book and its context. Thanks to all of you for bringing such rich and moving personal stories to the book club -- it's made this an even more terrific experience for many of us.

So -- check out those new topics!


p.s. If you've been celebrating Easter or the Passover holidays over this last week, I hope you've had a lovely holiday.
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