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Re: Later Chapters Discussion: PLEASE

cindersue wrote:

kiakar wrote:

JackieM01 wrote:
Don't buy anything at Wal-Mart. Go to Target. My son's best friend was one of those people who was denied the "privilege" of leaving his shift to go to the doctor when he had stomach pain. He had a ruptured appendix, and was locked in when the ambulance came.

Jackie, How can they lock someone in? The doors are open, aren't they? I know ours are open 24 hrs a day. That is called slavery! And they should get sued!

What I heard before is that Wal-mart closes the store after hours, while the employees finish off what they have to do, be it re-stocking, cleaning, etc. Is that correct Jackie?

This must be one of the older smaller Walmarts you guys are talking about, that had a closed period of time. I have a friend whose husband works for Walmart, it is a superwalmart and as you know those are open 24 hours a day, the restocking and cleaning go on all times of day. It would be a criminal offense here to lock anyone inside a business who needed or just wanted to get out. I can see that they could fire a person for leaving sick, I worked for a business once that did and they shouldnt be able to do that either, but I cant see Walmart taking felony rap for unlawful detainment up to hostage taking, depending on what the DA wants to file, for someone needing to leave. Is this one of those folklore things? IF not, was it a small walmart store that they were even able to lock a person in with all the customers still there? If he was locked in a smaller room, thats big stuff and one heck of a lawsuit. You guys know dont you that even tho the author is talking about this, one of the mods is going to come along and say this is not about this thread or book LOL and you need to move this discussion somewhere else LOL. :smileywink:
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Re: Later Chapters Discussion: Love Story

Bill_T wrote:
What do you make of Miko and Ronnie's relationship? Were you surprised to see how it wound up?

Note: This discussion topic is particularly suitable for readers who have read all or nearly all of Cage of Stars. If you haven't finished the novel yet, please be aware that this discussion may contain plot spoilers.

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I was very glad that this relationship blossomed. I could let go of holding my breath about another sad event!

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Re: Later Chapters Discussion: Love Story

I liked that there was a happy ending. Although it almost seemed unrealistic for Miko and Ronnie to get together. I think for me it was the fact that that doesn't happen too often in the real world. It made for a very sweet ending though.
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