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Dynamic People

Let's kick off this discussion by talking about some of the dynamic people we know. (And they don't have to be famous!)

One of the early quotes that stuck in my head was Tiger Woods saying, "Golf is what I do. It's not who I am."

I think this is a sentiment we can all identify with on some level, don't you? For me, it's just a reminder that life is for living, and the world is full of opportunities.

Also, it makes me think about my parents. They had the same comfortable 9-5 jobs for decades -- and that was great -- but their passion was dancing. So, on the side, through years of training and competing, they eventually became professional swing dancers! And as instructors of dance, they also had the opportunity to become involved with a charity near and dear to their hearts.

How does Tiger's quote speak to you?

Do you know anyone who "is" something entirely different from what they "do"?
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