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Recommended Reading

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Additional Recommended Reading

You're in Charge, Now What?
Thomas J. Neff, James M. Citrin
When you start a new job, you are in a “temporary state of incompetence,” faced with having to do the most when you know the least. Tom Neff and Jim Citrin, two of the world’s experts on leadership and career achievement, know what it takes to succeed in a new position. Through compelling, first-hand stories, from CEOs like Jeffrey Immelt of GE and Bob Eckert of Mattel, You're in Charge, Now What? offers an eight-point plan to show you how to lay the groundwork for long-term momentum and great performance.

The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers
James M. Citrin, Richard A. Smith
What is different about the careers of people like Lou Gerstner, the acclaimed, recently retired chairman and CEO of IBM? Or Senator Elizabeth Dole, Yahoo! COO Dan Rosensweig, and Tom Freston, chairman and CEO of MTV Networks? Why did they ascend to the top and prosper - why did they have extraordinary careers - while others equally talented never reached their potential or aspirations? Jim Citrin and Rick Smith of Spencer Stuart, the world’s most influential executive search firm, set out to explore this question. The result - based on in-depth, original research - is sure to be the most important and useful book for anyone seeking to crack the code of how to build a rewarding, personally satisfying career.

Now, Discover Your Strengths
Marcus Buckingham, Donald O. Clifton
At the heart of Now, Discover Your Strengths, is the Internet-based StrengthsFinder® Profile, the product of a 25-year, multimillion dollar effort to identify the most prevalent human strengths. The program introduces 34 dominant "themes" with thousands of possible combinations, and reveals how they can best be translated into personal and career success.

5 Essentials for a Winning Life
Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
The personal coach to Lance Armstrong shares the philosophy and program that have not only made him a world-class coach but inspired him to gain control of the rest of his life as well. Chris Carmichael's outstanding coaching experiences have convinced him that great success in any area of life is only possible if we first achieve an integrated, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Only by harmonizing what he considers the five essential aspects of life--fitness, nutrition, relationships, career, and health--do we construct the strong, stable, and supportive platform from which we can reach for our dreams. In his 5 Essentials Program, the coach who guided Lance Armstrong to his record-breaking seven Tour de France championships now provides the empowering tools--including step-by-step action plans--that today's men need to achieve their personal, professional, and athletic goals while performing at levels thought only possible in youth.

Values of the Game
Bill Bradley
In 10 essays, filled with intensely personal observations and reflections, Bill Bradley revisits the basketball court with the fire of the competitor and the eye of the writer, and explores these qualities in action: the dynamics of teammates on the court and off; the pure love of the game that leads to the unselfish pass or the screen away from the ball; the individual courage to risk the last-second shot, to face a hostile crowd, to say "I blew it"; the responsibility to teammates, coaches, and fans to stay in shape, play hard, and honor the game. In Values of the Game, Bradley shifts his thinking to a larger universe. He pulls back the curtain, letting us in on basketball's secrets - many of which, it turns out, extend to life beyond the hardwood court.

Malcolm Gladwell
How do we make decisions--good and bad--and why are some people so much better at it than others? That's the question Malcolm Gladwell asks and answers. Utilizing case studies as diverse as speed dating, pop music, and the shooting of Amadou Diallo, Gladwell reveals that what we think of as decisions made in the blink of an eye are much more complicated than assumed. Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, he shows how the difference between good decision-making and bad has nothing to do with how much information we can process quickly, but on the few particular details on which we focus. Leaping boldly from example to example, Gladwell reveals how we can become better decision makers. The result is a book that is surprising and transforming.

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