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Recommended Reading

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Untitled More Great Books from James Rollins

Black Order
A suspicious bookstore fire in Copenhagen propels Sigma Force on a relentless hunt across four continents -- and into a mystery surrounding horrific experiments performed in a long-abandoned underground laboratory in Poland. Arson and murder reveal an insidious plot to steal a Bible that once belonged to Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory. A new order is on the rise -- an annihilating nightmare growing at the heart of the greatest mystery of all: the origin of life.

Map of Bones
Following the slaughter of parishioners at a German cathedral, the US sends in SIGMA to investigate. For the deaths at the cathedral are more than mere arson. Someone has escaped with the bones stored in the cathedral's golden reliquary: the bones of the Biblical Magi. The theft leads to a wild hunt across the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. For there are those with dark plans for the stolen relics that will alter the future of humankind…when science and religion unite to unleash a horror not seen since the beginning of time.

An inexplicable explosion rocks the British Museum, setting off a search for a lost city beneath the Arabian desert. What is hidden below the sand is more than a valuable relic of ancient history. It is an ageless power that lives and breathes, an awesome force that can create a utopia...or tear down everything humankind has built over millennia of civilization.

Ice Hunt
Carved into a moving island of ice twice the size of the United States, Ice Station Grendel has been abandoned for more than seventy years, designed to be inaccessible and virtually invisible. But an American undersea research vessel has inadvertently pulled too close -- and something has been sighted moving inside the allegedly deserted facility, something whose survival defies every natural law. And now, as scientists, soldiers, intelligence operatives, and unsuspecting civilians are drawn into Grendel's lethal vortex, the most extreme measures possible will be undertaken to protect its dark mysteries -- because the terrible truths locked behind submerged walls of ice and steel could end human life on Earth.

When Agent Gerald Clark, CIA operative and former special forces soldier, stumbles out of the Amazon into a small missionary village and dies, the CIA is baffled. Nathan Rand has made the Amazon region his home since his father led a scientific mission into the lush green wilderness and never returned -- the same doomed expedition that took Gerald Clark into the jungle. Now the government wants Nathan to follow the elder Rand's trail. Soon, madness, terror, and horrific death descend upon the second cursed Rand expedition and those still living are forced to confront a power beyond human imagining -- one that can forever alter the world beyond the dark, lethal confines of the Amazon rainforest for better...and for worse.

Deep Fathom
Ex-Navy SEAL Jack Kirkland surfaces from an aborted underwater salvage mission to find the Earth burning. Solar flares have triggered a series of gargantuan natural disasters. Earthquakes and hellfire rock the globe. With the U.S. on the narrow brink of a nuclear apocalypse, Kirkland must pilot his oceangoing exploration ship, Deep Fathom, on a desperate mission miles below the ocean's surface. There devastating secrets await him -- and a power an ancient civilization could not contain has been cast out into modern day. And it will forever alter a world that's already racing toward its own destruction.

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Re: Recommended Reading

The list of books you describe, are they in order of oldest publication date? The list is incomplete. I like to read an author in sequence especially when characters are in many of the stories.
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Re: Recommended Reading


If you search on by author (James Rollins) all of his books will be listed on the search sight. Be sure to click the "author" drop down box so that you're not searching by keyword or title. Publication dates are displayed as well, although the books are not automatically sorted by publication date-- however, there is a drop down box at the top of the list, and you can choose to sort by publication date.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Recommended Reading

Here's the order of the books' publications:

Subterranean (1999)
Excavation (2000)
Deep Fathom (2001)
Amazonia (2002)
Ice Hunt (2003)
Sandstorm (2004)....sort of the prequel to the Sigma series
Map of Bones (2005)
Black Order (2006)
The Judas Strain (2007)

All the books prior to Sandstorm are stand-alone adventures and can be read in any order. Though I have brought forward a couple minor characters from the earlier books and popped them into the Sigma books:
Lisa Cummings makes her first appearance as a minor character in DEEP FATHOM
Joe Kowalski makes his first appearance as a minor character in ICE HUNT (oh, he's also featured in a Sigma short story that appears in the THRILLER: STORIES TO KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT, edited by James Patterson)

Learn more about The Judas Strain.
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