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Extra Stupid?

Who can help but be delighted with this twist?

What to do with a Stupidity Surplus? What, in your opinion, would be the frustrations and dilemmas of living in a just, reasonable, and well-governed society?
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Re: Extra Stupid?

There would be a plethora of unemployed conservative radio talk show hosts constantly creating disturbances in Starbucks over the left-wing conspiracy to secretly replace whole milk with soy milk in the latte.

"60 Minute" correspondents will be overcome with shock when politicians INVITE them and their camera crews into their offices rather than running from them.

Rush hour traffic in large cities might actually, you know, rush.

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Re: Extra Stupid?

If we did live in a world with a Stupidity Surplus there would be a lot of unemployed journalists out there. They would either have to turn over a new leaf and start talking about how there are not enough cute kittens in the world, or as Robyn stated, the proper use of Soy milk in coffee shops, or either just give up the arguing completely and become customer service representatives :-).
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