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Thank you, Jasper Fforde! (Final Week)

Thanks to everyone who joined the Thursday Next conversation this month, especially the author of this beloved series, Jasper Fforde!

Jasper's scheduled appearance ends this week, so be sure to ask any remaining questions while there's still time. And be on the lookout for his next title!

Thanks again,
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Re: Thank you, Jasper Fforde! (Final Week)

No more questions, but a big thanks to Jasper for answering all our questions. I was in the UK for a few days last week and picked up TN 1-4 in the UK paperback (was a little disappointed in that there were no dodos on the covers) while in Bath. I also got a picture of the Swindon train station. I got a few odd looks on the train for that one.

On another note, I'll plug the Phorum - it's a message board for Fforde Ffans that's linked to Jasper's website ( I tool around there from time to time and it's fun to toss around different ideas with other fans of the Thursday Next or Nursery Crime series. Might just whet your appetite until Jasper's next release!
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