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Discussing Finn: The Narrator

Huckleberry Finn has a first-person narrator (Huck tells the story himself), while Finn has an omniscient third-person narrator. Huck is told in the past tense, and Finn in the present. How do these differences affect your understanding of the novels and your connection to them?

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Re: Discussing Finn: The Narrator

huck was difficult to read because of the dialog and the language but finn is regular ???? English and therefore immediately easier to read and understand. Finn was dark and yet could not speak of his darker side but only hinted at it in conversations with others, such as his giving up Mary... he never defends himself for the atrocities he commits on Mary or Huck. Huck was the narrator and gave us this charming boy with a great sense of adventure who told us of his trials and tribulations without dwelling on the darker side of why he was beaten by his father,jd
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