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Re: To the East - Massachusetts' Blueberries and more!

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Well, Dulcie, our wagon train was hijacked on the road...that's how we ended up in Mass.  You'll have to ask this guy, why. 


But, I figured as long as we were in Mass., we could ask him if it would be possible to explore our surroundings.  He said yes.  It's Autumn, and I remember the colors as being vibrant here.  I'm glad you found something to explore in this neighborhood, much fun....and there is more...

Here's a few people of note, from this area.  If anyone wants to comment on them, go right ahead!



I remember my mother telling me, when she was a kid she'd go up to Po Hill to pick blueberries. 

It's not really the season right now, but I found as many as i could to fix a blueberry pie for dessert tonight, and some breakfast muffins for tomorrow.



I love blueberries!  And for Ryan, and everyone, I brewed some blueberry tea to go with that morning muffin!