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Discuss FNKC as a Whole: Georgia and James

What do you think of Georgia's decision regarding James? Are some of his claims (ex: teaching Dakota about race) justified? How might things have been different for them?

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Note: This topic refers to the book as a whole.

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Re: Discuss FNKC as a Whole: Georgia and James

James is her father.  The race is something that introduces Dakota to new people, ways, and ideas.  It is just not something her mother is use to or in her sphere.  James is not showing off or taking her away from her mother or anything like that.  I think that he is opening his world to his daughter.  That should not be taking away from him or Dakota.
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Re: Discuss FNKC as a Whole: Georgia and James

Georgia was hurt by James.  The only thing that he left her with was Dakota.  That said James was smart in wanting to teach Dakota about himself, race being a part of it.  Dakota will have to deal with her race and while it hadn't been an issue it is part of her.  On the cusp of becoming more her own person in her teens learning about her roots- Georgia as well as James- will help her with her identity.  Plus I think James gets the realization of the great women he left behind- Georgia and Dakota.
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