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Early Chapters: The Peace Corps

Is Kris' experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer what you thought it would be? For you, what would have been difficult to adapt to in village life? What do you think you would miss when you came back to the U.S.?

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Note: This discussion refers to topics through Chapter 6, "Cutting." Some readers of this thread may not have finished the book. If you are referring to events that occur after Chapter 6, please use "Spoiler Warning" in the subject line of your post. Thanks!

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Re: Early Chapters: The Peace Corps

Kris' Peace Corps experience was very similar to my wife's PC service in nearby The Gambia, where she assisted with births, trained midwives, then came back to the US to become a labor and delivery RN. Even much of the language in Monique overlaps with the Mandinka and Wolof my wife spoke. Because of this, she's been lending Monique to all her friends and family to help them understand what her own experience was like. So thanks for that.
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Re: Early Chapters: The Peace Corps

Hi Josh,

Tell your wife "thanks for passing on Monique!" Did she have someone like Monique to work with? What did she learn from the local midwives?


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