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The Book as a Whole: Impressions of Africa

The news is riddled with stories of war, disease, and famine in Africa. Yet Kris writes that she "has an immense amount of hope" because she knew Monique.

After reading the book, how do you feel about Africa?

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Note: This topic refers to the book as a whole.

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Re: The Book as a Whole: Impressions of Africa

I too have a great amount of hope. Kris has done a wonderful job. I feel as though there are many similarities between women in America and women in Mali--there has been a bridge built. thank you, Kris for that gift. There is much to learn from the people who live so close with the Earth.

I realize that I have been living my life in FEAR of Africa. FEAR of the staggering statistics of AIDS, rapes of virgins and primitive shamanistic practices and animal sacrifices, famine, war and lack of healthcare...who would think you could change that, and yet, Kris is now on a path after the death of her friend that could seriously change the continent...could change our continents' view of Africa!

Congratulations on a job well done. Monique and the mango rains was a compelling read, like the poisonwood bible, and I could not put it down. Reading these books, seeking another side of Africa, as opposed to the media portrayal has helped me grow.
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Re: The Book as a Whole: Impressions of Africa

Your point is a good one. There is so much fear that is propagated through the media. Imagine if someone in Mali listened to the news coming out of our country: violent shooting deaths, suicides, drunk driving accidents, one-third of all children in our large cities living in poverty. They would be scared indeed. But is this our day-to-day experience of life in the states? Of course not. Life is so much bigger and richer than the extremes of struggle.

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