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Discussion Topic: Love Then and Now

Which love affair is more compelling -- Colin and Eloise's, or the romance between Letty and Geoff? What are the similarities and differences at work? Which are the product of period, and which the result of character?

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Re: Discussion Topic: Love Then and Now

Oh, definitely Lettie's and Geoff's. Colin and Eloise just don't seem to get together and have a meaningful relationship.
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Re: Discussion Topic: Love Then and Now

If one were reading each book separately, with no knowledge of the other books, I would say that the historical relationship between Geoff and Letty would be more interesting. But piecing together three books of scenes between Colin and Eloise... I have to make the argument that I am very consumed by the Colin/Eloise romance.
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Re: Discussion Topic: Love Then and Now

I have to agree here. I originally read part of the Emerald Deception from BzzAgent. I got so hooked! I just had to go back to the beginning of the series. Haven't we all been Eloise? We like him, we want him to call, we think the phone ringing is always him... I think that my devotion to seeing how this Eloise/Colin relationship plays out is just a smidgeon more than my curiosity to see which Lords and Ladies hook up next. Oh, to be compromised! Thank goodness we don't have to marry the first man who tried to compromise us!
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