Monday, the American Library Association announced 18 different awards relating to youth literature, including the coveted Newbery Award for excellence in children's literature. 
One of the things that strikes me about this year's Newbery selections is that they all relate to different aspects of the same point in history. Dead End in Norvelt is set in a 1962 summer just before the US enters the conflict in Vietnam and the fallout from Jack’s father’s experiences in WWII. Inside Out and Back Again is an account of a child refugee escaping Vietnam after extensive conflict, while Breaking Stalin's Nose gives insight into the life of a child during Stalin's communist regime and might help readers understand what the US thought it was fighting went it got involved in Vietnam. Separately, these books are portraits of individuals in a specific time and place. But together they form a kind of triptych of an era, bringing global perspective to the ways in which world events directly impact the lives of children.
For a complete list of awards and winners, visit the ALA website:

What is your favorite Newbery Award winning book? What books from the past year would you like to have seen win this award?

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