As the title suggests, The Smiley Book of Colors, by Ruth Kaiser, can be used to teach children about colors. The photographs in this book are grouped by color and accompanied by rhyming text that urges readers to smile and have a positive attitude. But the real stars are the smiling faces that can be seen in the photos of everyday objects. In one photograph, two undone buttons and a gap in a shirt become a smiley face; in another, the holes and slot of a recycling bin. Even clouds can reveal a fluffy smiling disposition. Kids will have fun looking for the smileys and will be inspired to look for them everywhere they go. The idea for this book came out of the Spontaneous Smiley Project created by Kaiser. In 2008, Kaiser (“having seen smiley faces all her life”) began sharing her photos of found smileys on Facebook. To her surprise, people began contributing their own photos and her Web site,, was born. It’s worth checking out: Every time somebody submits a photo of a found smiley face, $1 is donated to Operation Smile, an organization that provides free surgeries to kids born with facial deformities.


Can you recommend other books that help children think about the colors around them and look at the world in a new way?




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