For me, reading a book is magic.  When I was a youngster in Montreal and supposed to be asleep after the lights were turned out, I hid under my covers with a flashlight and devoured GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, PINOCCHIO, and sundry comic books like SUPERMAN and BATMAN


But fictional books are the greatest comics of all.  There are no boundaries other than your imagination.  It's the theatre of the world, the theatre of your mind...limitless.  And it's entirely you.  When the book says love, you thrill to your feeling of love.  When the book says "the horizon was filled with fire," -- towering plumes, sooty heat...


Nothing stands in the way of you and the word.  It's those words that are the final piece of magic - words for you to interpret uniquely.  Every word means something different to every person.  So a book becomes a personal and intimate experience...a dialog, really, between you and the book. 


A book responds to your emotions with phrases that catch, turn, and twist you in the wind and make you understand the profundity of language and the terrible truth that can be expressed in print.  That's the history, the mystery of books and reading...and I loved it from childhood on.



Editor's Note: William Shatner is an Emmy Award winning actor and the author of Star Trek Memories.

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by T-RadSR on ‎08-25-2009 01:04 PM

Mr. Shatner, I just finished your biography "Up Until Now". I liked it so much I bought your audio book version of it as well and enjoyed it even more. It was interesting and funny and you did a great job with the audio version. I felt like you were sitting next to me in the car telling me all of these stories.



by Threkjshanelle on ‎08-26-2009 03:39 PM
I like how you can basically carry around an entire universe or someone's brain in your hands.
by Bronwyn56 on ‎09-15-2009 08:16 PM


We are so basically casual with them.  And yet the can cause us to become better than we ever believed we could be or drive us to unreasoning anger. Be they written or spoken they can wring tears from our eyes and hearts, make us feel passion that doesn't exist in our everyday lives or create geographies that exist only on the page.  Words, aren't they truly amazing and yet two people still have difficulty  getting one idea from their head to the other persons head without misinterpretation .

by Hopeful_Writer on ‎09-22-2009 12:41 PM

Mr.. Shatner,

Your words certainly ring true for me. I have to read each evening before going to sleep. Words in a book can put you in a place you know you may never see, but in your mind, you are there. In addition, some experiences from a book may place you back in your childhood, or maybe even help you remember some long ago experience of your own.


I hate to think where this world would be without the written word, not the screaming word of today's so-called experts. When you take the time to read, it is so relaxing, and sometimes educational.


I also wish to thank you for many laugh out loud moments from your work on Boston Legal. I don't know if you liked your work, or are insulted to be called funny (like it's a bad thing), but to me laughter is a joyous thing. But, to laugh out loud at a tv show for me is a rare and genuine pleasure. Most  television is just not funny, but your character and the way you brought him to life, was absolutely inspired!


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