Hooked on hats? Here are two more hat-theme titles that make great story-time picks:


Hat by Paul Hoppe. One day while walking in the park with his mom, Henry finds an abandoned hat. “Can I keep it?” Henry asks. Cartoonish illustrations show the boy thinking about all the cool things he can do with it. For starters, a hat can protect him from the sun and the rain. Then his imaginings become increasingly fanciful—he can use the hat to catch mice and perform magic tricks; he can turn the hat into a boat or sled; the hat can even save his life when he runs into a crocodile and make him a star adored by legions of fans. But when his mother reminds Henry that someone may need the hat and may be looking for it, the boy revisits his fantasies—this time, imagining what would happen to other people if they didn’t have the hat (i.e., we see a very satisfied-looking crocodile with an explorer-shaped bulge in his tummy). In the end, Henry decides to leave the hat where he found it for the person who may have misplaced it.


The Hat by Jan Brett. A sock blows off a clothesline and gets caught on the head of Hedgie, a prickly hedgehog. When the other animals he encounters tease him about the strange thing on his head, the embarrassed hedgehog pretends that it’s his new hat (“Don’t you know that everyone should wear a hat in winter when it’s cold and snowy?”). Soon all the other critters are running to the clothesline to snag their own hats. When the owner, a young girl named Lisa, returns for her woolens, she’s astounded by the parade of animals wearing her garments on their heads: “Each one was thinking, ‘Now I am wearing a magnificent hat.’” Featuring Brett’s signature lavish artwork depicting snowy scenes, this is an endearing, funny tale; Hedgie, in particular, is adorable in the illustrations.


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Can you think of other hat-theme books for young children? Which is tops on your list?

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by harleyhoney on ‎02-06-2012 11:54 AM

One of my favorites as a youngster, many years ago, was The 500 Hats Of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss.


File:The 500 hats of bartholomew cubbins.jpg



by Blogger Sandy_LR on ‎02-06-2012 12:52 PM

Good one! I'd forgotten about that. Thanks, Nancy.