In his debut as a children’s book author, Twohy exhibits gentle humor and a sensitivity that makes Poindexter Makes a Friend not only entertaining but also reassuring. Young readers will also love the cartoon-style illustrations, which are full of amusing details like Poindexter hiding under the rug while his relatives remark, “My, you’ve grown so much since the last time we say you!” There’s even specific “how-to” tips tucked into the tale. At the library, Poindexter and Shelby find a how-to book about making friends and end up following the advice in it (“Step one is smile. A smile is a good way to show someone you would like to get to know them better. It also says, ‘I am not a grump.’”) Best of all, the advice is seamlessly woven into the story—kids will absorb the lessons about making friends without knowing they’re being taught. And just maybe, the next time they feel shy, they may be encouraged to follow in Poindexter and Shelby’s footsteps.     


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Can you recommend other books that help young children learn about making friends and being a good friend?

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