You may have seen the announcement today that we've added Lexile reading measures to thousands of books for young people here at Barnes & 
Lexile, for those unfamiliar with it, is an educational framework that helps readers find books that match their unique reading level. It's used by school systems all over the country and is familiar to the millions of parents who see Lexile scores on their children's report cards. 
With the announcement today, we're wondering how many Letter Blocks readers are getting Lexile measures at home and what they've thought of the system. Is it a number you pay attention to on your child's report card? And do you find that the scoring keeps up with your child's interests and reading level? 
Lexile, which measures books based on word and sentence difficulty, is used in some way in all 50 states and by 150 publishers. And making Lexile ratings visible is one of the most common requests we get in communities that use the system.  
So, if you're wondering how a book fares on the scale, have a look at the "Full Product Details" tab on any book product page. If the book's been rated, the Lexile number will be there. Later in the year, you'll be able to search our site (or in our stores) by Lexile rating.  
And if you're wondering what your child's Lexile number might be, have a look at the Lexile website's “Find a Book” feature at There, you'll be able to narrow your search, and then easily link back here to purchase the books. 
Stay tuned for more news about our Lexile program, and let us know what you think.
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