Pantone: Colors is one of the first books to be published by Appleseed, an imprint of Abrams, which will focus on books for children ages birth to 5 years. According to a note from Cecily Kaiser, the publishing director, Appleseed seeks to offer books that are both developmentally appropriate and beautiful. The thinking is that “even the youngest children deserve beautiful books” and because adults are the ones who are buying and reading the books to the children, they must appeal to adult sensibilities as well. Other new Appleseed books released this month include My Birdie: Puzzle Book and My Bunny: Puzzle Book, two sweet board books with a pop-out puzzle piece on each sturdy right-hand page. At the end of the tale, your child can put the pieces together (there are four pieces) to re-create the bird or bunny. Huff & Puff: Can You Blow Down the Houses of the Three Little Pigs? (available mid-March) is a cute interactive version of “The Three Little Pigs” story by Claudia Rueda. Young readers are invited to play the part of the big bad wolf by blowing through a hole in a page. When the page is turned, an unhappy pig in a destroyed house is revealed. Not to worry. When the wolf/reader gets to the last brick house, a yummy surprise ending awaits.


There’s always room for quality children’s books. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m looking forward to seeing more from Abrams Appleseed!


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Books about color are popular choices for babies and toddlers. Have you come across other titles that teach colors in a particularly engaging or innovative way? Do share!

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Mmmm... I recently saw some pictures of Pantone cupcakes!