Even my preschooler daughter (who’s more of an animal lover than car fanatic) was mesmerized by all the road action. That’s because these cars (many of them carrying animals) are truly unconventional—from a “scary shark car” to a “hundred-feet car” with literally a hundred assorted feet instead of wheels. While my toddler just enjoyed looking at the sheer variety of vehicles (“Honk cars! BEEP cars!/ At-a-creep cars!/ Miles of piles of/ in-a-heap cars!), his sister also got a kick out of searching for the cars mentioned in the text (“Tall car, short car,/ fun-filled fort car./ New car, old car./ Has-a-cold car!”). With summer fast approaching, I’m thinking this will be a good book to take along on road trips. Even without an adult to read the text, young kids will have fun examining all the humorous little details in Staake’s artwork.


The last spread features a lone car with a mom, dad, and perky child inside, traveling through a peaceful countryside. The text reads: “Fun drive, sun drive,/ Got-to-run drive!/ Dream drive, cool drive… / Someday YOU’LL drive!” Parents will shudder; kids will salivate.


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Can you recommend more books for kids who love things on wheels?

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